Go to meal

I am curious what everybody’s go to meal is?

I mean the meal you go to that you know you’ll have good bgs, or it can be the meal you like to not think about and it may be easy to make or grab, or it could be your fave meal you cant live without.

I know in this economy not everybody is eating gourmet, or even a different meal everyday, so what’s your good old stand by?

peanut butter and sugar free smuckers jelly on wheat bread, and usually cup of juice
grilled cheese wheat sandwich with tomato soup
turkey on wheat with spinach, with glass of milk
go to snacks are cheese and almonds, strawberries

i used onetouch gold to help plan my meals, i thought it was a good idea until i saw the shopping list… every day was a different food, which is fine, but the shopping list looked killer and some of the recipes i didn’t like.

Sauteed (in olive oil) chicken with garlic, and random veggies that happen to be in my fridge or freezer. Toss with whole wheat pasta, some sea salt and ground pepper and fresh herbs if I have them or just something from the pantry. Pasta usually keeps my bg really steady, its cheap, always available, not much thought, cooks in 15 mins and only 2 pans.

big green salad with a scoop of Breakstone 2% cottage cheese and thousand island dressing. it lays very nicely in the tummy.

That’s easy – I take fish and veggies and wrap in foil and pop in the oven with a liberal spray of lemon juice. I eat this often because its simple and always safe.

Collard Green wraps with either hummus or avocado in them - sometimes I make the avocado into guacamole or sometimes I add Toffutti sour cream. This is usually lunch - and i swear it make my BG go DOWN. It’s super healthy too. :slight_smile:

Ham sandwich on whole wheat bread round (19c) . Or grilled cheese sandwich or PB and J sandwich. Very predictable and easy.