Diabetic Dinner

What does everyone else do for food on the go?

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On the road and it’s time to eat. I always pass on fast food and pick this up if I didn’t have time to pack a lunch. In this case I picked up an extra set of games and ran out if food. I was starving so I picked up a…

SuFu, Ph.D.

This is very relevant to my interests, as I find myself without a lot of time to eat, or having to eat out often. I have found that Zaxby’s has great salads, so I try to go for those, or just some kind of quick grilled chicken meal. I try to find some kind of low carb side, and that is often the hardest part. If I can’t find a side, I usually just have more meat instead. My drink choices are even more limited due to my thyroid, so I can really only have caffeine & sugar-free drinks. Good luck finding that in a soda fountain. The only desert I’ve been able to find out & about is no-sugar added frozen yogurt.

If I’m at home and short on time (or just don’t want to put forth the effort of cooking, I opt for A PB & Sugar free Jelly sandwich on thins , or microwave up a veggie burger. Sugar free Jello snacks & puddings are great too.

This will all probably get old eventually, so I’m always looking for new options.

I don’t think I have Zaxby’s around here but the grocery stores around here have a all you can eat salad buffet for $7 that usually has grilled chicken, ham and sometime beef on it. Another good option is Wendy’s chili, it’s pretty low carb and fairly decent if you’re not worried about your sodium intake.