Pumping and Camping

Hi, Everyone I was just wondering what one would do if they were to go camping with the pump, I know most pump companies allow you to have a pump backup, but was thinking if there was any disadvantages to having a pump while camping like backpacking in the bush, I like to camp so this is important to me, lol. I don’t have a problem with getting the pump wet (animas 2020)

I’ve gone camping a bit while on the pump, though actually a lot more when I was still on shots. I have never had an issue with my pump while camping any more than I have had when going on a regular vacation. It’s really important to make sure you bring either a back-up pump or just a back-up bottle of Lantus and Humalog and lots of syringes because camping spots are sometimes very remote and it can take awhile to get to a pharmacy. I had this happen one time when I was changing my set and I dropped the last set that I had with me - I didn’t have long acting insulin so we had to leave and drive an hour to the nearest town, and by then my blood sugars were starting to climb. But the actual act of camping and hiking and whatnot isn’t hard. Just make sure you bring back up supplies, insulin, strips, juice and that sort of thing.

I have done a lot of backcountry camping with my pump. It is actually so much easier than doing it with MDI. Like Allison said, just be sure you have some sort of backup (I always took syringes and both kinds of insulin) and don’t forget extra batteries. Also be sure to take several extra insertion sets in case they somehow get pulled off. And of course, check your BGs often so you can adjust your basals. Most important, have a great time and don’t let diabetes or pumping get the way of enjoying yourself.