Going crazy making a decision

Hello everyone,

My name is Nate and I have been a diabetic for almost nine years. I have been on MDI since the beginning and have had pretty good A1C's since. Diabetes has been a roller coaster for me though, with the highs that won't go down or the occasional and sometimes constant, lows. The hardest part has been the emotional distress factor but thanks to a support group and therapy, it has gotten a lot better.

The option for an Omnipod has come up an an option for a first pump and I can not make a decision. The salesman is a very nice guy but a bit pushy. I really like the whole tubeless thing but my only concern is sleeping with it and how much of a problem that would pose. I have a dummy pod that I need to put on to test it out but am a bit hesitant to do so. The fact that a new and smaller one might be coming out is good news as well. I have a Dexcom which I've had for three years and have gotten used to sleeping with so I'm wondering if that's comparable.

The new pump, the T-slim also looks amazing. I held it in my hand and it felt just like an Ipod with a nice touch screen. Now I'm debating on those two but leaning towards the Omnipod since they have a lot more experience, compared to a new company like Tandem (T-Slim).

Also, one person mentioned that having an Omnipod on during intimate moments might get in the way since it's kinda big...

I would appreciate as much input to help me make an informed decision. I'm starting a new career, might be getting a new car and now, I'm worrying about starting on pump therapy as well. Stress is an understatement. Thanks to exercise, my sanity is still intact.

Thank you guys so much!


Hey Nate! I've had D since '96. I was on a MM pump 14 years ago or so. I went back to MDI until I went on the omnipod just over a year and half ago. It was the best decision for me! I love the pod. Yep, it's there, but it doesn't get in my way. I even forget where it is most of the time. Like the dexcom, it does take some time to get used to.

Sorry your sales guy is a "sales guy". I love my local reps! One of the best things they told me when I was considering it was to not wait until the new pods come...because who knows when that will be! They were talking about it 2 years ago :) I would add that even if the new pods never come out, I am completely content with the pod system as is.

Regarding intimate moments, the pod is there. It cannot be removed. But my husband is super supportive of me and it isn't an issue in our relationship. In fact, my son was born 13 months after I started on the pod.

There are bound to be pros and cons with each of the pumps and there is a similar learning curve with each pump. But in my opinion, it's worth it! Good luck with your decision :)

Nate, any pump is an adjustment. I waited years to go on a pump because I didn't want to be attached to anything. When I found out about the Omnipod I went for it. While it's not small you do get used to it quickly. Most of use knock a few off in the first month or two but after that it's like another part of you. Sure, sometimes it ends up in a tough spot and I have to be careful how I sleep for a few days but it moves in 3 days and I'm good again. Generally I wear it on my arms, thighs, or back. The only times it's at all difficult when sleeping is when it's on my back but since I usually sleep on my sides I don't really notice it.

I can't speak from experience but I would imagine the T-slim is even more difficult to sleep with since you have the tubing to arrange and deal with. Also if you move much in your sleep you could knock it off the bed or tangle yourself up in the tubing. Not things I would want to deal with.

As for intimate moments, the Omnipod is just another thing to adjust to. I sure wouldn't want to have to worry about disconnecting when things start to heat up or worry about making sure I've reconnected and compensated for any insulin missed when I'm done. With the Omnipod, sure there's an extra lump on your body but your insulin keeps being delivered and I've never had it get in the way.

It's up to you, I'd suggest trying the sample pod and seeing how you feel. I will tell you that the sample pod was the most awkward and uncomfortable pod I ever wore simply because I didn't know what I was in for when I put it on. It does take some time to develop favorite sites and a pod that's just on your body but not doing anything just feel like extra bulk. But if you can stand the sample pod when you get the real thing on you you'll be fine.

Good luck with your decision!

I went Omnipod 3 years ago and never looked back. It really never gets in the way on the backs of my arms and is much better than injections. I have no complaints.

I love the omnipod! I have been a T1 for 25 years and just started on the omnipod 3 months ago. I also wear a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. The two devices have made living with diabetes much easier and I couldn’t be happier!

I might be the perfect person to reply here. I used the pod for years; but with Medicare not covering the OmniPod, I decided to switch to the t:slim by Tandem. The time to make the switch was right. It cost me just $192 because I had met my out of pocket for the year. Now…that being said. I have nothing but glowing reviews with just a few exceptions. There seemed to be a run of bad pods late fall into early winter last year…mine all ended with 666–yikes! My favorite place to wear my pod was on my back just above my butt. I had NO problem at all with it there. I had a couple of controllers that had sticking keys…the first one was replaced over night and this recent one was replaced by my t:slim. I started on it this morning. I usually take an afternoon nap; and I had no problem. My grandson called the pod a boiled egg. This looks more like a button…we’ll see what he says. :slight_smile: I tucked the pump under my pillow. I got the 23 inch long tubing. Depends upon what you sleep in or out of (lol) for other options on pump storage. Guess I’ll explore other options if necessary. By the way, I chose the pod over the Ping when I was deciding. I was mostly concerned that my Bichon, Zoe would get tangled in the tubing. The t:slim’s pump reminds me of a tiny version of my iPad. I also must say that it’s screen is amazing…I can read it a lot more easily than the OmniPod. Oh yes…you also cannot accidentally go off and leave it behind. I did that more times than I’d like to admit. Last word…dealing with Tandem for the pump and Edgepark for the infusion sets, it all went smoothly. I received my pump in a little over 3weeks! Feel free to send me a message if there are any other questions that I can address.

I loved Tslim when I played with it but I just got hooked on the idea of the freedom of no tubes. I’m happy with omni! I’m glad with my choice. But I talked to every rep my endo could drag into his office first! I felt like they were all trying to sell me on what they had! I went with omni because I have a 2 year old and it seemed less stuff for him to mess with. I can’t imagine now trying to figure a place to clip a pump! That’s got to suck! I can wear anything, do anything, go anywhere! Love it. In terms of lifestyle. I am a mom, a nursing student, an active person who enjoys outdoor activities. I hike, run, swim, ect. I find after a bit you don’t notice it while you sleep. I think I’d notice tubes to a bedside table more. My boyfriend says he, ahem, doesn’t notice it. But that Tslim was tempting as all hell!

I have been on the OmniPod just short of 2 weeks, it's my first pump and I couldn`t be happier. Sleeping is not an issue, I sleep right on it most of the time.
I have also not had any problems regarding intimate moments, I don`t find it that big, it doesn`t get in my way!
Good luck!

I got the new omnipod end the pod is mutch smaller than the older pod
Sleep no problem dont felt it at all.
Try the new pod i an sure you say hey so small!

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The best advice I got from this forum when I came here with reservations and concerns was to just do it. Just get it, try it, see if it works for you. You will never have all your questions, either the oens you brought here, or the ten thousand other questions you don't even know you have answered until you actually give the Omnipod a try.

You're not marrying your Omnipod or having it implanted permanently in your central nervous system, so if you don't like it or it doesn't work out for any reason, you can always change to another pump and start again.

I'm glad I made the choice to make teh switch to a pump and I'm glad the Omnipod is the choice I made. It's a steep learning curve and there is a lot more to know than the salesman or trainer tells you. It took me a good 6 to 8 months to work the system out, but when I did, my failure rate dropped to under 10 percent and if I lose one per shipment, or see any othre issues inherent to the design, it's a rere event.

I do not plan to change back to MDI anytime soon and as long as Insulet continues to make Omnipods, I plan on being a user.

Good luck!!

Hi Nate. I had been type one for 47 years and had many folks after me to get on a pump. As a life long mechanic I didn't want to deal with a tube. Not cool when pulling a transfer case and setting it on my chest. Finally my daughter talked me into trying this new system and as it had no tubes I was willing to give it a try. That was 3 years ago and as has been said I haven't looked back. Yes a learning curve but so does everything. Please look at my page as it shows where I wear it and what I use to put it on and keep it on. As for intimacy the only problem I had was the screech of death alarm when things were going so well. Having been married for 30 plus years it just ended up in the freezer and we went back at it. Good luck on your decision.

Nate go with the pod. I was on medtronic for 18 years and switched to the pod a few weeks ago. Best thing I ever did. It does not get in the way of intimate encounters either. I love it. Its not noticeable when you wear it either. Also if you do not like the POD it has a 45 day return policy. The freedom to use my arms and back is awesome. Also i was having problems with insertion technique with conventional pumps the pod self inserts at 45 degree so it takes the guess work out of it

As long as tubeless is an option, that's the way I'm going to go. I've been on the pod for about three years now. It's my first pump, and I'd never put up with a tube if I could help it. I rarely even notice that I have it on. Intimacy is no problem, even when it's on my inside upper thigh. I can sleep right on top of the pod, and it's hardly noticeable. The smaller pod will only make these things better.

Hi Janice, I am wondering how you have been adapting to being "tethered" to the new pump? After 4 years on the Pod, I am considering a switch to Minimed's Revel pump. The Pod is the first pump I have ever used (in 25 years since diagnosis), and I loved it for a long time. In the past year or so, I've had continued bad pods, problems with sticking keys on the PDM, and frankly, bad customer service at Insulet. Besides all of that, I am anxious to have an integrated CGM for better control. I am excited about the idea of the Minimed, but the tubing still scares me. I would love to hear your experience.

Hi Cindy, The Pod was my first pump. I had a good run until last fall when I shared your very same experiences. Customer service was great, though. I’d be glad to share my feelings regarding my Tandem pump!