Deciding on a pump and overwhelmed

Hi everyone! I am new here, and would LOVE some advice. I am about to go on an insulin pump, and the choices seem SO OVERWHELMING. I've narrowed it down to two I like that are available in Canada where I live, the medtronic Veo and the Omnipod. both seem very different.

I'll be honest and say the tubing scares the crap out of me, I am worried that I'll feel constantly on a leash and hooked up like an iv patient.I know thats pretty much the case anyway, but I have a hard enough time running with my iphone/ipod case hooked on my pants, the headphone cord drives me nuts.

Then I think the omnipod seems a good idea, and I can stick it on my lower or stomach back so its less visable, but am worried that it will be like sleeping on a lump. I wonder if you stop feeling it after a while?

I actually dont know anyone with even t1 diabetes, and the one friend I tried to talk to told me that if I went on a pump that my husband would feel like he was hugging a hospital patient, (yes, they are a moron) so at this point I am desperate to find someone who has a pump to chat with.

I know my doctor is leaning towards the Veo because of the continuous moniter option, but I dont think I'll be buying it because of the cost and my extended health care doesnt cover it. however, my plan only covers one pump for every 5 years, so it makes the decision even more stressful knowing it could be hard or expensive to switch if I make a wrong decision.

anyway, I would love some advice if there are things i dont even know to ask. I've had one medical rep visit my house, and I am waiting on the other to visit as well.



I have heard the omnipods are not too reliable, and they are quite large to have sticking into you! (Some people love them, though). I have a Ping and I discovered that once I figured out some logistics, I don't even notice the tubing.It;s one of those things like shots that everyone dreads, but then discovers is no biggie. Sometimes I even pat my pump to make sure it's there. I use the longer tubing which allows me to feel less tethered because I can just put it down on the bed our counter when getting dressed.

Do you not get tangled while sleeping? lol.

I have an MM and agree with Zoe that it just took a few days and I had the hang of it. I wear belts, which makes it relatively easy, and just belay the stray loops neatly around the loose end of the belt and then tuck that into a belt loop and it's very secure.

No, you do not get tangled while sleeping. some lay the pump on the bed and it becomes automatic to move around with it. but I clip my pump to my pajama waist and tuck the tubing into my pjs. There is no tangling. Though I am a female, I do not wear dresses/skirts and always have my pump clipped to my waist. The tubing is inside the clothing, regardless of where you wear it.
Yes, in your early days, you will pull out the insertion at least once on a door knob or something. But that is part of learning and it will rarely happen again. My tubing has occasionally gotten hooked on something but I always catch it before yanking out the tubing or pump. You will rarely drop it but they are pretty tough. Once in a great while you may break it but you will have a warranty for 4 years. By the end of year 1, or before, you will be such a pro that you won't worry about dropping it or tangling.
There are too many advantages for the tubed pump vs Omnipod to even start listing them here. My opinion, and from reading many, many posts about the pod.

I got an omnipod demo, it was larger and heavier (even empty) than I had imagined. My sensitive skin did not like it, so I went with a minimed to begin with, then switched to a animas ping to get smaller dosing and better CGMS (IMHO) in the dex. I don't even mind having two separate units and really like the remote option from the meter. so if I had to choose between omnipod and MM i would go minimed--you get used to the tubing really quick--at least I did

Hi Ree
Yeah, a pump is a tethering thing. I didn't like it at first. But I got used to it, and the better control was worth putting up with it for me. I know how to sew, which helps. So I made "sleeping shorts" from soft fabric with pump pockets on each leg - a pocket with a buttonhole for the tubing to go through to the inside. Makes sleeping easier, since I roll around a lot. I also use a Ping from Animas and like it. The first few months were a very steep learning curve, but there's great help here (which I didn't know about at that time - you're ahead in that respect). Anyway, good luck figuring it. Change is hard!
Ping is waterproof, which is good if you swim.

Nope. I tried the "putting it under the pillow" thing but immediately me and my cat were tangled as I move around a lot. So I hook mine to the waistband of thermals in winter and sleeping shorts in summer, tuck in the tubing and swing it around to my back as I sleep in my side or stomach. Works fine.

nope--no tangles here, clip it to my nightshirt :-)

My daughter is 7 and she wears the Omnipod. It was our first choice because of the lack of tubing, but we wanted to try it out first. We stuck a demo one on her to wear for 3 days and both my husband and I wore one with saline and lived as a T1 Diabetic for 3 days.

My husband wore his on his arm and forgot it was there. He's a firefighter, so very active - he did whack it a couple of times, but it stayed put. I wore it on my back fat. Other than when I was driving (leaning against the driver's seat) I also forgot it was there. My daughter wears it on her bootie and has never complained about it being in the way. Because she's so active, we do proactively add some hypafix tape over the pod as we've found the pod starts to separate from the adhesive backing by the third day.

We all loved it so we didn't demo anything else. I would suggest trying to demo both pumps and go with the one that fits the best with your lifestyle. All pumps are going to have their quirks, their advantages and disadvantages, so really it comes down to what works best for you.

Thank you everyone! I am trying a demo of both. I am hoping that some difference will make itself really obvious to me and make my decision.

I have the Medtronic Paradigm Revel 523 and I love mine. My CDE gave me the demo for the Omnipod and a few things I just really did NOT like about it. One it's size...I thought the thing was huge, bulky...and harder to wear with clothes than the Medtronic. Also I did not like to have to constantly have to keep up with the extra gadget to be able to bolus with it. That there to me is far worse than being attached to my pump via a tube. But you are also talking about someone who will sit there ipod or iphone down, and two seconds later forget where on earth I put it. Finally just the overwhelming number of times I hear people discussing Pod failure. It just did not to me even seem like a logical choice.

I've heard that many times people say about tubing... feeling leashed or something along those lines. Really I don't even notice the tubing. It doesn't bother me at all. I have the longer tubing, so it gives me more options to where to put my pump, and just tuck the excess tubing into your pocket or inside your waist band or whereever. It really is nothing like toting along an IV pole. After a while you kinda forget you even have it attached to you.

In the end though you have to make the choice that's right for you, for some tubeless is a really big priority, and they seem to not mind what all I consider negatives of the Omnipod. Try demo's and get a good idea of comfort, and just how its going to fit into your life. Good luck, keep us posted.

how do you wear it at night if ya sleep in your birthday suit! serious q!

Another OmniPod user here and loving it! I have not had any reliability issues with the pods that some speak of here. I just couldn't bear the thought of the tubing, mentally it would be a constant reminder of my D. Plus the insertion sets scared me.

I chose OmniPod after wearing a demo. I don't find the size of the pod a problem. I also wear a Dexcom cgm and the two in tandem work for me. I started first with the Dexcom and once I was comfortable with that, I went with the OmniPod. The OmniPod feels just like the Dexcom but slightly larger.

The things I like the most about the OmniPod:
Not having to clip anything to my belt or hide tubing. I slip the PDM in my purse and go. When I'm at work, I set the PDM on my desk because it also serves as my meter. This is another added plus because I don't have to carry a separate meter. I also like that the OmniPod has an automatic insertion process - you just push a button on the PDM and it inserts...feels like a little rubber band snap and you're done and good to go. Super easy.

I also like being able to wear the pod under my clothing on my stomach and my upper arms. I forget where I've put it and have to pat myself down to remember. I like the fact that a stranger looking at me would never know that I have D because there's nothing visible attached to me.

Good luck with your demos. Either way, I hope you find the pump that best suits you and helps you with your control. :)

Honestly, as crazy as it sounds, this was one of the major factors in my decision (obviously with all things being equal.) You will read all kinds of opinions about all pumps. For me and my wife, sleeping with a tubed pump just would have changed the way I live my life too dramatically. D changes so many things in your life, I decided if I can avoid a change I will. So far I haven’t had any problems when wearing the omnipod. Even if I have a few problems, if it doesn’t mess up my control, I’m sticking with it. Dealing with a few failed pods is worth it to me to be able to go to sleep with my wife like we did before D.

One other thought on going to a pump in general and the comments your friend made (people say stupid things don't they?). I fought going to a pump for 25 years and finally gave in because I needed the ability to vary my basal rates due to aging female hormones. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself and I wish I'd done it along time ago.

I think too as I age it's easier to keep a sense of humor about my D regimen and the things I have to do to take care of myself. When I was young, I worried about the tubing and what my husband and friends would think of me being attached to all that. Now, after almost 28 years of marriage, and wearing a Dexcom and pump, he calls me the bionic woman and his bff (we make fun of todays lingo). If your hubby understands that this will help you in your diabetes care, he'll adjust to it just fine just like you will.

I gotta agree with this. My hubby is committed to helping me with my health. If only he would take his own advice sometimes!

I have just switched to the Omnipod as well and don't find it bulky or heavy at all--but I have not used a regular tubed pump. There's no way I would want to now. Yes, the pdm is something else to keep up with, but I keep it with my cell phone at all times and haven't forgotten it yet.
I think it will depend on your body type whether you like the pod or not. I don't wear tight clothes, so when I wear the pod on my stomach, it's really hidden. I love wearing it on my arms too. Even thought I sleep on my side a lot, I've gotten used to it and am subconsciously careful in my sleep.

My experience is similar. I chose the pod for the auto-insertion and could not go without it! I love the pod. It is not a pancreas, so therefore it is not perfect and sometimes it needs attention at inopportune times. But that's life with D.

I don't find the size to be an issue (I'm 5'10" and 160 lbs). I often don't remember where it is on my body. I try not to sleep on it, but often wake up having rolled onto it and have had no issues.

I am pretty good at remembering my meter, cell phone, etc. Therefore, I don't find the PDM to be an issues. However, if someone is constantly losing their phone, this may not be the best option :)

In the end, it's your decision. Both pumps have great technology and lots of loyal users. Go with your gut, it wont steer you wrong!

oh and I want to add that I don't really care if people see it an ask what it is. Therefore the "hiding it" factor didn't really apply to me. :)

Have had a medtronic for a long time. The pump malfunctioned once a couple of years ago so I called the toll free number and had a new one the next day.
It takes some getting used to but I can't imagine going back to injections. I tried the CGM they offer but I think that technology needs to develop a bit more.