Going Lowish - no reason!

Okay, this is disturbing...

I woke up this morning with a 4.3 mmol (77.4 ml/dl) when I usually wake up with a 6.0 (108 ml/dl) I ate my usual breakfast of 2 eggs, and only took 1 unit of novorapid.

Later that afternoon, I was at 4.4 again (this was around 2 PM) so I ate a piece of cake (I stupidly left my Dex tabs at work...)

Now, I just ate dinner, and I tested at 3.9 mmol (70.2 mg/dl). I didn't take any novorapid before.

I am a MDI, with a carb ratio of .6/.7/.8 respectively. (Novorapid.) I also take 20 mg of Levemir at bedtime.

By all rights, I should be high as hell, I have only taken 1 unit of Novorapid today.

Mind you though, I just started a new job where I am running on my feet all day - could that be it? Perhaps my Basal dose is too high?

Any thoughts?

Oh I definitely think running on your feet all day (if that is a big change for you) and the stress of a new job could account for your low numbers!

You might want to reduce your Levemir by a unit and see how that goes.

I wouldn't necessarily treat for a 4.4 (79), but just keep an eye on it if you are still running around and not due to eat soon. That's not a low. Some people treat under 70 and some under 60. I treat under 60 unless it's bedtime, then I take a couple glucose tabs if I'm in the 70s so I don't go lower during the night.

More physical movement will lower your glucose and also make you more sensitive to insulin. If you are considerably more active than you used to be, you may need to cut back on the basal if you're going low frequently. I'm not all that familiar with LADA's vagaries, does the pancreas kick into the kitty sometimes?

Oh yeah, if there isn't some more logical explanation (like increased activity) I ALWAYS blame LADA!

I have strange days like this, and I'm not even LADA (Type 1 since the age of 6). I'm convinced I must still make some insulin, sporadically, in weird fits and starts. There's never anything 'off' about those days, besides the lows. (No extra stress, no extra exercise, no illness, no female hormonal things....) I just got through about 7 days like that, in fact. No matter what I did I kept going low. Even this weekend sitting on my butt much of the time.....went low. Exercising at the gym didn't even necessarily make it worse, but it of course didn't help the lows. Yesterday I was even snacking on animal crackers w/out bolusing, every few hours to try to avoid lows (6 crackers = 22g carbs) and I was STILL going low.

......I know this isn't any help. But just know you aren't alone.

Diabetes is just WEIRD sometimes!

Especially because the OP was only diagnosed nine months ago. They could definitely still be honeymooning (and probably are, if they are LADA and not classical Type 1).

I hear you all! I don't have an endo yet, as the wait time is attrocious. I will cut back the Levemir by a couple of units and see how that goes. I like to keep my numbers around 5.0 (90 mg/dl) as that is the range I feel safest in. If I am lower than that, I won't treat. (Especially since I try not to eat carbs... then again, when I am refilling a buffet, sometimes the desserts magically end up in my mouth - not sure why LOL)

Hey, I understands, and it is actually a really big help! Thanks!

It's the strange gravity of desserts. Frequently observed by diabetics but not by those not pancreatically challenged. My dessert gravity issue is french fries.

French Fries????? OOOOO me too!!

Those sneaky desserts. When we blink for a second, they sprout wings & fly into mouths.

Running non-stop can account for this, along with those pesky spurts of our own insulin. This weekend I ate lunch & took half the usual bolus because I had to hit the mall for last minute shopping. Even with less insulin, I went low. It happens.

I wait several days to see if a pattern is emerging before making any change to basal or bolus doses. One day isn't sufficient to see what's going on.

Let's not forget there is a lunar eclipse occurring in conjunction with the Winter Solstice (makes about as much sense as anything else, right?)!

Fair Winds,


Your BGs are heaven. Your pancreas must have recovered quite a bit thanks to external insulin. Enjoy. and adjust your insulin as need be.

Thank you Anthony. The endo at the diabetes center said that I am just honeymooning, and will be back to higher levels of insulin and BG numbers. I am trying to hold it off as long as possible... but I will eventually have them I suppose...

Mike, I am sure that it might be a reason... maybe I better sacrifice a chocolate bar to the BG gods tonight. LOL

I still spike really high after eating any carbs. I think it might be because I limit them so much. (And that is a good thing!) The trouble is that I am coming down to normal afterwards. I know that it is still not good...

I need to just tell myself NO when it comes to the desserts and other bits that end up in the mouth. Grazing is just bad news in a kitchen. I am struggling to keep satiety when I am eating low carb though. I need to up the fat intake, but also accounting for the amount of running that I am doing.

I set my iphone pedometer, only to discover that in a 9 hour shift, I had walked/run 19000 steps, or 6.4 miles. That's a lot - I burned over 900 calories that way too.

Wow, 6.4 miles. Been in the restaurant biz & know a lot of that is running. Temptation everywhere & that's tough. Also hard because it's difficult to have the time for a proper meal. Yep, fat & protein help.

Took me a lot of experimenting to time insulin to the spikes, not that I've got it down:)

Could also be the huge amount of exercise. 19,000 is unusual. Do not listen to the endo you have stabilized the disease and heaven can last for quite a while.

Gerri - I am still going low even though I am only taking 1 unit of insulin today. I reduced my Levemir by 2 units yesterday, should I wait a couple of days before I try and readjust? I just tested at 3.8 3 hours after lunch (where I took 1 unit of novo rapid. I can’t take less because it is a pen) right now I treat with Dex tabs.

Send me some of your beta cells! Just lower Levemir by 1 unit tomorrow, if you're still running low by this evening without all the work running around. The problem with lowering by a lot at once is that it's harder to figure out the right dose. Easier to do with changes in small increments. How were you before lunch?