Going Lowish - no reason!

I had a similar episode last night. I bolused for 75 grams, ate the meal, and over the next three hbours had to eat 120 grams of carbs. I was afraid of a terrible rebound but without any extra insulin went to sleep at 123. No additional excercise or anything out of the normal…Seems like everything has been normal today.

The increased activity could definitely do it. Also, have you lost weight recently? You might need an overall adjustment of both your basal and bolus amounts. My reaction would be to back off the basal by 5 units and then see how tomorrow goes with that.

Okay all, here is an update...

I have lowered my Levemir dose to 18 units before bed time. I now don't take anything for meal boluses. (If I do need any Novo Rapid, it is usually the lowest I can take which is 1 unit.) I am experimenting with Robb Wolf's Paleo 30 day Challenge which means no Grains, Dairy or Legumes. (It is not even all that bad!)

My Main concern is that when I was "edumecated" by the pharmacist at the Diabetes center, they told me that my Novo Rapid was really for the next meal, and over that period of time.

Now, I am not going above 5.4mmol or 97.2 mg/dL after 1 or 2 hours of eating. Should I be taking the NovoRapid anyways?

you could use the BD Ultra -Fine ll…if you want increments of 1/2 u … I use this type , when I need to correct and am a pumper …my question , why would you want to use at 5.4 after 2 hours NovoRapid , a bolus insulin for this meal ?

I am not really sure… I giess the main concern is that I would go higher later on, given the curve of the insulin usage. I mean, if I don’t HAVE to inject, I won’t. I am mainly just worried about control is all. It seemed like my pharmacist was telling me that I need to take the insulin, no matter what.

another hour has gone by …what’s your BG now ?..you are experimenting , you need to do lots of pokes to know what’s up :slight_smile: . Referring to my first question …you may have lows , if you add NovoRapid now …I believe in the strategy/concept of doing one thing at the time …I understand to read : you lowered your basal ( levemir ) AND you have started a new meal plan ?? Just my thoughts .

Well, there are really 3 things here: I started a new job where I move a lot more, I have cut my basal dose, and although I ate low carbish already, I am gonna cut the grains, dairy, and lugumes. I just tested after finally getting home and I am 4.5 mmol (81 mg/dl) now, my target is 5. The weird part is I have taken NO novo rapid today.

And as others mentioned ...honeymooning !!?? you may need some carbs before bed time .I probably would do a poke at 3 am or there abouts .

Maybe you need to re-visit your carb ratios as well ?...the complexity of diabetes

I recall 1983 , did peddle my xxx off during a summer vacation on Orcas Island , USA ...diagnosed in Jan 1983 ...only 2. u of insulin daily...( and have never participated in eating " low carb " ) .

Be well .

Novo Rapid isn’t for the next meal. It typically starts working in 10-15 minutes, peaks at around 2 hours & lasts 4-5 hours. By the next meal Novo Rapid should be gone. Important to space meals so insulin isn’t stacked, or you need to calculate how much insulin is still on board from the previous injection. Just FYI.

Absolutely! I have found that I have to have a basal for work days and another for nonwork days (including teacher inservice days). I’m nonstop on my feet when I have kids and I could only be that active outside work if I were to go run a marathon :wink: