Going Off The Meds!

I was just taken off my Actos meds and now only take 1 Metformin a day. Should be home free by Christmas!

Fantastic tell us how you did it.

Yay! That’s great! I was off the meds completely along with the meds for being a pacemaker “victim”, along with the dreadful statins meds. As of today, I am back on Medformin (.5) pill a day. I think the “early” diagnosis of diabetes when one is on a diet and exercise…you may succeed in getting off the meds, but, unfortunately, that freedom may not last indefinitely. Diabetes is a wicked affliction and not easily discouraged, no matter how good you become at the regimen to keep yourself med free.

Dear Renee,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but my postings are now at the library since my computer crashed a few days ago. I was diaganosed March 23 of this year. I went into ICU for 3 days and I thought my life was over. I did what my doctor told me exactly. He put me on a regulator shot( I can’t even remember the name of it), Actos 45 mg, and 750 mg of metformin. The Actos was twice a day and the metformin was twice a day. The shot was twice a day as well. He took me off the shot in July because by that time I had already lost 40 pounds from exercise and diet. Two weeks ago, he took me off the Actos. I had been weening myself off it for the past 5 months(from 45 to 15 to nothing). Now I’m only down to 1 metformin a day. I’m taking half of my 750 mg in the morning and the other at night. Since 6 weeks of being in the hospital from initial ICU, I have lost 49 pounds. I eat only what’s good for me and nothing bad for me. I am a chef who put my culinary knowledge and hard driven personality to the pure test and it’s all paying off. Let’s keep in touch and I’ll be glad to direct my culinary background to help you as well. It’s so great to have a support system like you. Chef Todd Redfern