Going to a amusement park

Going to a amusement park any advice with the pod for both water rides and regular rides

I got a chance to go to Disney just weeks after starting on the pods. I found that arm placement was the best for most rides, though I usually don't ride the extreme stuff. The padded bars that hold you in on most rides would push against the pod if it was on my abs. Very uncomfortable. Didn't do any water rides, but arm placement may not work there. You may have to time your ride visits to get the best outcome.

I’m thinking you should use some skin tac under your pod for that day, it will help greatly with the water rides. And as far as placement goes, I would put it on your back.

My 9-yr old has been to both Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer. She wears both Dexcom and Omnipod. The only problem we encountered was on a big water slide. They questioned the devices because they don't allow anything on the slides that can scratch the slides (i.e. zippers, rivets). They held her up to make a phone call and then determined it was fine. On the roller coasters no problem with placement on any sites.

I went to a water park with my 6-year-old this weekend. And much to my dismay, during a bolus my pod failed; I didn't have any spare equipment with me. We had a cabana with a mini-fridge. Had I known we would have a mini-fridge, I would have brought insulin with me and plan to in the future.

The failure was completely out of the ordinary. If a pod is going to fail on me it's usually within the first several hours of application. I would recommend bringing spare equipment/supplies with you. Have fun!

Two words: Opsite Flexifix.

Some people use four narrow strips that overlap the adhesive on all sides. Others go all out and cover the whole pod plus adhesive.

I just carry a lose bottle of insulin in my pocket which keeps it at about body temperature. I use the same bottle of insulin for weeks in my pocket. I've been doing it for ovr 50 years with no issues.

Even with Pork-Cow insulin in 1955 the Joslin taught us we could keep the insulin out of the frig for a month.

I know this goes again some who have a fridge is required mentality.

Hi Andy! What kind of insulin do you use now? I would give that a go if I were still using Novolog. But I recently switched to Apidra and I have found that it may be a lot less tolerant to being stored outside of refrigeration. Besides, my daughter and I wore our swim suits through the park nearly the whole day, so no pockets. :)