Tips for going to an amosment park. and water park

tips for going to an amosment park. and water park

In going to an amusement sure to bring ALL of your snacks/meals/beverages. Not only will you then be aware of carb count, but also you will save a bundle!
Bring also your health card, and wear your Medic Alert or similar.

We usually bring and extra pump and some insulin in a special cold pack we have in case the pump comes off which does happen at water parks - or a pen preloaded with insulin. It is better than having to NOT EAT because the pump came off - you work up a hunger at those places. If they have a hot tub - stay out of these - they usually make the pump come loose and will kill your insulin with the heat. Best of Luck.

Went to Cedar Point last week for two days and had no issues. We stayed close to the park so I didn’t bring the extra gear with me, I left it all in the hotel, but do bring lots of spares with you in case you knock one our more off, it happened to me on a long trip and I didn’t take enough with me. I learned a valuable lesson, lol.

I had the pod high on my arm and it didn’t get in the way on any ride. I wore cargo shorts and kept the pdm in my packet zipped up. Sometime the pdm got in the way a bit, but shifting it around a bit worked fine. Kept a small snack in the other pocket just in case but didn’t need it. I can’t vouch for the water park though, we didn’t have enough time to go. Have fun!

I've never had a problem with hot tubs or, for that matter, saunas. Hot tubs aren't normally hot enough to cause significant sweating, though I guess there are exceptions (well over 100F) and, while saunas certainly cause me to sweat there isn't enough activity for it to dissolve the glue, at least for me.

I suggest trying it to see what happens; it's certainly a PITA to have to give yourself a shot every 60 minutes if the pod falls off, but it's possible.

John Bowler

If you can put the pod somewhere where it won't get whacked off. The lower rear back works ok for me normally, but things like waterslides could easily be a problem. Look at getting some swim gear that covers the pod. A tight shirt can work well and provides UV protection too (though check the label about that.)

Get a small dry bag, preferably a transparent one. Put the PDM, test strips, poker, glucose tablets and insulin pen (plus needles) into that. I've found that I can get the PDM, strips and poker into one of the small 'DryPak' bags intended for cellphones, but it really needs something bigger to cover the glucose and pen as well. It's also inconvenient trying to shuffle the stuff round to do a test. I have a bigger dry bag that takes everything easily and floats.

As Linda G says, avoid the 'food'.

John Bowler

Heat from Hot tubs can degrade the insulin where it isn't as effect. Not always but it deserves caution.