Going to the beach with my pump

I want to share with new users my experiences wearing my pump & bikini.
I have my pump since 15th November 2012 (yes, one day after Diabetes Day.
Since I live in the Southernmost country in the world (Argentina)I had my holidays last February, and I decided going to the beach. My pump educator suggested me not to wear the pump during holidays, in order to avoid sand and water. I decided to do the contrary so I will share my experience.
First, the travel was not a problem since a went to Punta del Este (Uruguay) by ship. There are not restrictions about carrying a pump.
How to wear the pump? Well, i decided to use my bikini so you will prefer to use it under the line of the bikini. I realized of that after the first day of sun bath, so I had a white spot on my stomach after removing the infusion set.
How to lay and have sun bath? Well, I went to the beach with my bikini and some clothing (a dress, or a short, as usual). Once on the beach and first of all, I put my device inside a hand bag with a good zipper, still hanging of my stomach. This was necessary to protect the pump of sand.
Then, each time i wanted to go to the sea, i turned off my pump, put the infusion set inside the hand bag, put the blockage on my body and that´s it!! I was ready to swim and have fun.

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