Insulin pumps at the beach

Hi ladies- I’m going to be trying to figure out how to manage my insulin on the beach soon and I was wondering what other people tend to do. I have heard that sometimes people will bolus their basal in order to keep the pump disconnected for longer periods of time. I have also heard people say they leave it connected but I’m wondering how you would do this without it sticking out like a sore thumb! I tend to wear bikini’s so I’m not sure where in the world I would store all the tubing! Any experiences or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just went on vacation to Antigua and I had this same problem. Since I have the Animas pump and due to the fact that it can go in the water Before I left I tried all my bathing suits on and checked to make sure all bikini bottoms could hold the weight of the pump the ones that did I brought with me I found if you put the site on your back and tuck the tubing into the bathing suit and put the pump on your hip no one cares what it is and although it sticks out you get use to it and forget its there sometimes

Good question! I've never found a great way to deal with this, unfortunately. I usually either put the infusion site on my hip/butt so it's covered by my suit bottom or wear a tankini. The tubing is tucked into the suit bottom. I keep the pump on, clipped to the suit bottom, while sitting on the beach (not very fashionable for sure) and then disconnect when I'm going into the water (which can be awkward). I try to have an insulated bag to keep the pump in while I'm not wearing it. But it is a hassle. I am interested to hear other people's solutions, too.

Wearing a one piece suit would be easier it seems. However, since you can remove it for up to an hour, I’d do thy and leave it someplace safe and secure while in the water. Locked up at the hotel safe. With someone at the beach who is not in the water.

When you wear a one-piece, where do you clip the pump? And how do you unhook it without exposing things you don't want to expose?

I take my pump off in the pool for my water aero ices classes. I put the tubing inside of my SPI Belt.

What is an SPI belt?

I think putting it on the butt would be best but I haven’t had much luck with that site. I find its uncomfortable, hard to detatch the pump when u want to change clothes or shower and the bolus tends to really sting. An I alone here?

It is this elastic belt with a zipper pouch attached. When you go to their site, make sure that you get the one for a pump. There are holes for the tubing. Many runners, bike riders wear them to hold their cell phones, a bit of money, a key while exercising. I wear my pump under dresses with mine and do exercising too. I usually wear my pump in my bra. This helps for those times when that is not the best for me. They will make it custom fit for a child, a larger waist size, etc.

That's true for me, too. I have better luck with my hip--just below and behind my hip bone. I usually can only use the site for a day or so, though.

I put the infusion sets in my upper butt... below the belt or elastic would be. Also it's really nice to have it there when i wear a bikini. I just hide the infusion set somewhere under my bikini bottoms. There's always a chance of pulling it out when changing clothes but it becomes second nature after awhile to "protect" it. I usually stuff my pump in my bikini bottoms unless i'm going into the water. I also have a spi belt that works pretty well. Hope that helps...