First Summer wearing a pump!

This will be my first summer wearing a pump. Any suggestions on wearing a pump and tanning? Wearing a pump on the beach? Wearing a pump in direct sunlight? Any tips for first summer pumping?

My daughter is much, much younger than you, but she does like to swim. She clips the pump onto her bikini bottom. If she’s wearing a one piece suit, she actually wears bikini bottoms under it, to give her a place to clip the pump. Looks kinda lumpy. (As I said, she’s younger than you.) We were also told that she could unhook for up to 2 hours at a time. When we go to the river or beach, she definitely won’t be wearing her pump in the water. There she’ll disconnect and put a large, waterproof bandaid over the site. Although the CDE said that bandaid isn’t necessary, it’s for my yuck factor - river water touching the insertion site. Yuck! If you do take it off, I would store it in the cooler or inside the house, depending on where you are. No point in letting the insulin heat up. As for tanning - wear sunscreen. Lots. Your skin will be as beautiful when you’re my age as it is today.

Your statement is a blanket statement on par with some of the annoying comments people make about Diabetes. I would say everything in moderation!

We have several discussions on the pumper’s forum about this. here’s one

I think the “tankini” style of suit works great with pumps. I just “unhook” when I go in the water.

check out this picture!

You only live once! Wow did not realize that I would offend someone. Life is to short to worry all the time. I have lost many people to various circumtances, I could die tomorrow from unrelated diabetes or tanning issues. Again life is to short and I might as well live it the way I want to, I like to be tan in the summer. Sure I know one day I might regret it but at least I will be able to look back and say. I looked good while doing it!

you need to keep your pump (and insulin) cool in direct heat. so the best option is to bring a little cooler to the beach. i put mine in a plastic baggie inside a cooler when im in the water, and i have even stayed attached to it when im in prolonged sun while on the beach (tanning)… yes i get some funny lookas as to why there is a tube attaching me to a cooler, but heat denatures insulin. another option would be to put one of those fake ice packs in a thick beach bag and keep your pump next to it.
I usually take mine off while in the water even though its waterproof. but ill wear it clipped to my bikini bottom but be careful as the pump can “weigh them down” lol tankini’s work well because it can clip in the front facing towards you
other clothes, especially strapless or braless tops can be a pain. typically i’ve just clipped it onto whatever bottoms im wearing and do my best to tuck in the tubing. but those are kind of “get creative” type clothing. ive even clipped my pump to my underwear when i was wearing a strapless dress. it was flow-y enough that the lump didn’t show lol

Pumps and tubing will leave tan lines lol : )
Make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
If my blood sugar is normal and I am going swimming I disconnect the pump for a litle bit (no more then an hour at a time).
My infusion set usually doesn’t fall out, if it starts peeling I put an IV 3000 over it.
Good Luck!