Gone from TuDiabetes For Too Long

When I first heard of TuDiabetes way back in 2007 I became active on here, blogging, meeting people, forums, etc. Then I started to fade away from it. I became very close with my local diabetes community, but lost connection with everyone out there that TuDiabetes has opened the doors to meet and share stories with. I’ve decided that I really want to be searching around in here more often again because it helped me with a lot of difficulties that I was going through at that time. What to do and how to handle high blood sugars, eating tips, exercise, encouragement to test more and knowledge about diabetes that you don’t find in the Diabetes for Dummies book (I read the whole thing in the ICU when I was first diagnosed).

I mainly want to say thank you again to Manny and also everybody out there that has touched my diabetes life and you may not even know that you have.

Thank you.

Hi Chris… I know what your saying. I did the same thing started with the world of TuDiabetes and then faded out while I talked and “maintained” Now I’m back and I forgot how much this group meant to me, the support and information here is incredible. And the Diabetes from Dummies book… sitting right next to me. So is the Pumping Insulin. yep I’m getting ready to start pumping !!! YEA

I am glad you are back around the site, Chris!!