Good and Not So Good News

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Every now and then I end up with more than one doctor appointment in a day. I usually try to only have one appointment in a day because I’m always paranoid about time constraints, etc. Anyway, today was one of those rare days where I had two appointments.

My first appointment was with my endocrinologist. My husband had planned to drop me off at the hospital on his way to work, but for some reason I had a sort of anxiety attack and felt I needed my security blanket (my hubby) to hold on to. I just didn’t want to be alone. It was an overwhelming nervousness with no reason behind it. I felt so anxious that I asked him if he could possibly take the day off and come with me to my appointments. I just really needed him.

So he did. I felt bad, but he’s my hero, my rock.

My endo appointment was just a typical diabetic “check-up”. First let me announce with great joy that I lost 13 pounds over the last two months! And the only thing I changed was that I am taking a probiotic supplement.

When I explained to my endo about the probiotics and how they greatly reduced my nausea, vomiting, and helped me lose some weight, she was surprised and pleased. She wanted to know more because “I have so many type 1 patients with chronic nausea and vomiting, and gastroparesis, I could suggest the probiotic supplements to them!”

I was a bit ashamed to have her look at my blood sugars. They haven’t been all that awesome. But she wasn’t upset. “You’ve been doing things right. You’ve lost weight, you’ve gotten all your other health issues under control, and all that without really messing up your A1c too bad. Now all you have to work on is the blood sugar control. You’re not that far off.”

We talked a lot about diet and eating habits, and a little about my sleeping too much issue.

I sleep 14 hours at night and sometimes even take a nap in the afternoon. Yeah, that’s a bit excessive, right? I’m not physically tired, just very, very sleepy all the time.

After the discussion and some suggestions, she ordered labs and we said our goodbyes.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with my primary doctor. This appointment was to get some disturbing symptoms figured out that I’ve had for a couple weeks now.

Dizzy spells

headaches that grow and spread to the point of my face, teeth, and tongue even throbbing!

a painful lymph node on the front left side of my neck

I have no pain in my ears, sinuses, tonsils, throat, and no nasal discharge, coughing or sneezing.

No fever, either

The doctor listened to my symptoms, did a full exam, even checked my balance. She informed me that there is no obvious reason for the “firm” painful lymph node and dizzy spells. She ordered a whole slew of lab tests and said she may order an ultrasound of my neck depending on what the labs say.

I told her that I checked my symptoms on webMD (just out of curiosity) and that it had asked me if I’d recently been scratched by a cat.

“I have, about three weeks ago my cat accidentally scratched me above my eyebrow.”

“Oh, did it get inflamed or infected?”

“No, it healed quite well.”

“Well, since you mention the scratch I’ll prescribe an antibiotic just in case. Let me know if it works or not on the lymph node and other symptoms, that’ll be important to know.”


When she examined me she noticed my neck and shoulders are very tense. I informed her that they never haven’t been, that’s where I keep all my stress. She ordered a muscle relaxant because she figured it may help ease the headaches.

So, here’s to hoping my labs come back favorable. I’d hate to have yet another serious disease.


Could be nothing or it could be a brain tumor.

Just before my Tumor was found I slept all the time and my balance (equilibrium) was way off.

As always, my thoughts are with you, and my fingers are crossed!

And congrats on the weight loss! I’ve managed to lose about 16.5 pounds with LCHF (gained back 1.5 pounds after two crazed chocolatepeanutbutter ice cream orgies, but I’m back on the straight and narrow!)


Your endo sounds like a keeper. Your husband too.

It’s very common to carry stress around in the neck and shoulders. I always have. When I can afford a massage, I have them concentrate on those areas because that’s where the greatest payoff is.

Sounds like you’re making real solid progress. Sending more positive thoughts your way. :relaxed:

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[quote=“rgcainmd, post:3, topic:56531, full:true”]
I’ve managed to lose about 16.5 pounds with LCHF (gained back 1.5 pounds after two crazed chocolatepeanutbutter ice cream orgies, but I’m back on the straight and narrow!)
[/quote]Wow Rose, 1.5 lbs of ice cream… that must have been some mouthgasm :grin: