Yay, the endo! Wait, what?

Today’s #dblog features a confession… sort of. I’m actually excited about going to the endocrinologist this afternoon. I think that’s a first-ever feeling. You can read all about it here.

Thanks for posting! I am subscribing to your blog!

I can appreciate your surprise! I always dreaded seeing my endo and mostly BS-ed my way through appointments. My endo would regurgitate some text book recitations about diabetes and often appointments were fruitless. I didn’t have an endo very long, because I moved. My city just got it’s first endocrinologist, and I am excited to go. My diabetes management, from the sounds of things, is not as good as yours. But with the help of my new Endo, I’m hoping it can be! I have spent years feeling stuck under the weight of the constant responsibility of my diabetes, but I’m trying really hard to change my feelings about it, and work with my endo to control my diabetes so that it doesn’t have to control me. I, too, am hoping to qualify for a pump. Good luck!

Thanks Kassi! I haven’t always had good control, and I still struggle with it. The best thing that ever happened to me was finding the Diabetes Online Community. I learned about new technologies like the CGM and how to have better control through other people’s experiences and lessons. It’s been incredibly beneficial! The DOC also taught me to stand up for myself and talk to my doctor. My appointments were often like what you describe. But the past few visits have been very different. I’ve learned to “TALK” to my doctor. I tell him why I do or don’t like something and why I feel that way. I explain my issues with different technologies and we work together to find something that works. So what started off as an iffy relationship has turned into a pretty good partnership.