Good Cereal?

Any recomendations for low BG impacting or low glycemic index cereals? I was analyzing my BGs with my Endo today, and I admitedly have an issue post breakfast. I am typically rushed to get out of the house and a bowl of cereal is often all I have time for. I’ve been eating Cheerios thinking they weren’t all bad because, relative to other cereals, the carb count’s not so high. But my Endo said no, it’s actually a very high GI food. She recomended Ezekiel 4:9. I bought some and will try it, but it’s $5 for a small box! I’ve been searching the web for glycemic index ratings to compare Cheerios to Kashi Go Lean and to this Ezekiel 4:9, but it’s tough to find consistency. Cheerios seems to be rated anywhere from 68 to 75. Kashi Go Lean seems to be around 60 and Ezekiel around 35. I wonder if my insurance will cover cereal. :wink:

Anyway, it got me thinking about low impact cereals. Anyone have suggestions or know of good research in this area?

I would say anything that is whole grain as opposed to refined will probably be better in terms of the glycemic spike. Also, have you tried cutting the carbs with some proteins? Like maybe try a hardboiled egg or some almond flakes mixed into your cereal? It might help even out the sugar digestion.

I mean a hardboiled egg on the side…

I’m with you! $5 a box is crazy. I have written about this in my strategic savers group here but I’ll repeat so you can perhaps get a little $$ relief. I would write the manufacturer of Ezekiel, praise their product, and ask where you can find coupons. Here’s their site email form.

I just looked at the manufacturer site and see a link for e-coupons however when I click it… nothing happens.

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Okay- I’ve got this one. Special K Protein Cereal- it has only 14 carbs per 3/4 cup;5 fiber & 10 grams protein. What could be better? I like to eat it with vanilla soymilk and a few walnuts, and sometimes fresh strawberries or blueberries.Nummy! Nummy! But it is also great to use in a trail mix with sunflower seeds, carob or dark chocolate chips, and anything else you love. It is the only cereal that does not make by BG’s go CRAZEEE. I have to be very careful because I usually can munch on cereal all day once I get started. This one is tasty- sortof nutty- and is actually quite filling with all that fiber. Give it a try. It’s also a great one to stock up on when your grocer has “buy one get one free” sales. I think I have 6 boxes in my pantry now. Good luck!

I can’t handle just cereal or any just carbs breakfast. Since I take both short and long-acting insulins at breakfast, they are going to hit me hard about 2 -3 hours after breakfast. I have to have about 2-3 servings of protein to delay the absorption of carbs, and to avoid the low lows I used to get.

My best breakfast is making my own version of the egg McMuffin on Sundays, separately wrapping and freezing them, and reheating one a day. I can eat them in the car.

If that is too much, I’d at least add nuts (e.g. almonds) to your cereal, as that should delay absorption somewhat. Steel cut oats (v. rolled oats) would probably digest more slowly, too. You could try peanut butter on double fiber bread.

Let us know what you discover!
:slight_smile: Elaine

Elaine, I agree with you too. I add sunflower seeds, any variety of nuts, and ground flax to my low carb cereal. I just get in cereal moods and I just have to have my carsb… the issue is portion. It’s never enough. I think I’ve decided that when I get that way, I will take a tablespoon on psyllium powder in a glass of water first to “fill” me up. More carbs, for medefinately makes me crave more carbs ALL DAY LONG! It’s an endless cycle until I totally give up to it all and decide to just start over fresh tomorrow- like I am having to do today, for instance.

I try to only eat cereals with 10 grams of fiber or more per serving. Try Nature’s Path Smart Bran with Psyllium and Oatbran. It has 13gr. per 2/3 cup serving. I oddly enough in 23 years have never had to take insulin for milk. No one has ever been able to figure that one out. I do for other dairy products…go figure.

I forgot to add that I also eat protein along with my breakfast cereal and fruit too.

I love cereal. However, I tend to stay away from them altogether to help reach my blood sugar levels. Oatmeal is usually what I choose, if I go the cereal route.

I think I will do more research on the subject, so I can add cold cereals back into my diet.

Hi All,
I use Kashi Go Lean for it’s high protein and fiber. The higher protein seems to work keeping the BG down. I don’t usually eat a whole cup and also have egg subsitute on the side, Elaine has an excellent idea and I am going to try to freeze egg sandwiches.
Thanks D

Cereal used to be my favorite food, but I can’t go near it now. It causes a terrible spike for me. I don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning either, so a lot of the time I eat cottage cheese and throw in a few berries, and a few nuts. It’s almost as quick as cereal. If I’m really hungry I might sprinkle in a few spoonfuls of Grapenuts cereal (very crunchy), or ground flaxseed.

O your real funny… i wish thank you for the laugh i needed that.
i really can’t find any type of food i can eat cause i’m haveing a salt problem just alone look at the salt your putting in your body just eating ceral compare you’ll be shocked!!

I realize this may not be helpful for many of you since I am still in my honeymoon phase (LADA) and can eat lots of things without it effecting my blood sugar. However, here is what I usually have in the morning and find delicious (takes 5 minutes to prepare, plus overnight soaking): a handful of frozen mixed berries, a grated apple, 3 tablespoons of yogurt or 1 tablespoon fresh cream, 3 tablespoons of buckwheat soaked overnight and then rinsed, juice of half a lemon plus some Splenda if it tastes sour. All ingredients are more or less left intact as they grow in nature, no industrial meddling with it, tastes great and makes you feel very healthy.

One that is almost as exspenive Glucerna but I’ve found good sells and coupons for it.

I just check there is some good coupons for Glucerna you can print from your computer .

In all honesty my Nutritionist has been kicking me in the butt over this battle. I have found that high fiber whole grain cereals seem to work with me. Such as Kellogg’s Fiber +Antioxidant (either red berries with yogurt or their cinnamon crunch one) also Multi-grain Cheerios have worked for me. But all of the others KILL my blood sugar. As far as finding a quick thing to eat going out the door, I’d suggest planning the night before. I now eat a hard boiled egg, half an avocado whole grain toast and sometimes a few grapes. It surprisingly keeps me full until lunch.