Does anyone want to take the Golden Grahams challenge?

Cereal in the am is notorious for causing bs spikes, my sons included... however he is loathe to give up cereal along with most foods actually so he is not a low carber and does ok with a higher carb diet, combining protein and fat to balance it out, he is a growing teen). in anycase i have noticed with golden grahams he seems to do better. many mornings he doesnt snack so we do not do the two hour check and he is ok to lowish at lunch, but i suspected he was rising and coming down by lunch. today we tested at exactly two hours post and he was lower! 144 this am 124 two hours post, he also has a full glass of 1 percent milk, coffee and raw honey (1 tbs for allergies) we tend to overestimate his carb counts all around and waited a solid 20 minutes before he ate ( full glass of water while waiting). i guess i am just happy to see something workout and wanted to share, it does seem to be a bit related to the cereal choice, the added milk and the 20 minute wait, just wanted to see if anyone else has had a good cereal experience! amy

It's tough for me to eat cereal anytime. I still eat raison-bran just for the fibre, but I have to take more insulin to prevent the spike and then it drops, what a pain....It may be tough to get a teenager to think with his brain instead of his urges but it sounds like your son is trying and that's hugely important. The LOWEST CARB CEREAL I've found that still tastes good is CRAVE, the serving size is larger too , I believe it was 1 cup with 26 grams of carb. It might sound weird but I like mixing a large spoonful of peanut butter in my cereal.

that is a great idea, adding the protein helps. my best friend's dad when i was growing up was type 1, so naive i was then, but he ate peanut butter in his cereal i think oatmeal everyday to keep things balanced, he is now in his eighties and still doing alright. yup it is hard enough dealing with diabetes, we are trying hard to not restrict jacob and empower him rather than make him feel different i feel backing off and letting him make some decisions and congratulating him when things go well helps him alot, along with engaging with him about all things nonD! best wishes, amy

Cereal has been one of those moody meals for me. Sometimes my BG is very high after eating it and others it doesnt effect me as bad. Same with oatmeal. I like to stick to multi grain cheerios, its less moody for me...

I'm liking Fruity Cheerios lately. I weigh the stuff and usually eat it in these Ikea Kid Bowls we've saved from when junior was getting the hang of shoveling food in. Not quite this model, as they are a few years old but they are very handy to have around for all sorts of stuff that it's easy to eat too much of.

I like the PB in oatmeal too but I have to agree cereals including oatmeal being MOODY for my bs. Hey Rye if you happen to have a box of Multi grain cheerios please tell me the specs on it.
Serving size