Good Day/Bad Day Pump!

So my Insulin pump has been having a good day and bad day...the good part..this shirt I'm wearing today is kind of low cut so it tends to inch to far down when I'm moving around well I found out today if I put my pump right in the middle of my bra my shirt stays perfectly where it's supposed to be and you can't even tell my pump is there! :) The bad part site is starting to go bad...I don't normally use my sides for sites..but I did this time and it's day 2 and I wanna tear the darn thing out...everytime I bolus it starts hurting..don't know if I'm hitting a nerve or some muscle or what...but I can't wait to change it out! Other then that it's all good.

Went to the podiatrist's kinda embarrasing but I have trouble clipping my nails so he did them for me which was nice..then he's like see you in 3 months!..yeah in 3 months I'll have dragon toenails by then!..So I guess I'll have to try doing it Tomarrow I see what my cde says about that cgm I wore..can't wait!! :) Then friday is my endo appt. and I find out what my a1c is...crossing my fingers it's lower!!! :)