Happy day and not happy day

Well, I got some amazing news today, and I cant wait. The problem is, due to corporate confidentiality agreements, I cant reveal what it is. Lets just say it involves my favorite pump company. When I can say, I will tell you guys ASAP!!!

I also got a first look at the new meter that Minimed will be using with the pumps starting soon. Let me say this thing makes the BD logic look like the One Touch 2. Its going to be a One Touch meter very much like the Ultra 2s and it is a beast. The features are as can be expected with any one touch meter. I was a little disappointed to hear that the minis wont be RF ready for the pumps, but anything is better than the logic. Upgrade or Downgrade? UPGRADE definitely!

Either way, today was kind of wierd - after a huge fight with my significant other last night that stemmed from and lead to low BGs I woke up this morning and basically dragged myself out of bed. She didnt say a word to me all morning, and I wouldnt have responded if she did. I hate myself for not controlling my diabetes well enough to help myself from my irratibility when I get low, but sometimes you just cant help it - sensor or no sensor. Basically, even though I now get tons of info from my CGM, it doesnt help my mood when I dip into the 70s.

So, here's hoping tonight goes well, because I am not happy. My BG is running about 250 right now due to a wonderful tasting nutty bar that made me feel better, so I dont think lows will be my problem.

Lastly, for some news that came across my desk - Animas is now looking at late 2010 early 2011 for their version of the Real Time System. I imagine they are going to wait for Dexcom's new system to come out before they commit. Interesting... Look for a news release soon.

They will be out very soon, spring is not a bad guess.

When I get my pump that is one thing I would like to have.A meter that communicates with it.