Good doctor for type 2 in Dallas area?

I have recently relocated to the Dallas area, and I’m having trouble finding a good family doctor or doctor of internal medicine who is good with diabetes management and has a good bedside manner. I would like to find somebody who is interested in treating the whole person mentally and physically, including addressing diabetes burnout, etc. Does anybody have any suggestions? The last doctor I found was very interested in shaming me and putting me on more and more pills. I want to find somebody who is more interesting in finding the root causes and working on behavior modification along with medication.


Dianne :smile:

I don’t have a specific recommendation but I might suggest some ways of finding a doctor better suited to your needs. I also had major issues with a previous doctor and you can read about my “Searching for the Mythical “Perfect” Endo (My Quest for a New Endo).” I was ultimately successful and am still seeing her four years later.