'FREE' Apidra insulin and Freestyle strips?

Hello everyone. I am still working on getting set up with an Omnipod, my first pump. I have found that Apidra is giving away ‘free’ insulin until April, 2012 and that Freestyle has a ‘Promise Club’ program where they pay your strip copay. Does anyone have familiarity doing either of these programs? I found the info for both programs on GOOGLE but wondered if some of you knew is Apidra was ok to use in the Pod and if the freestyle strip plan works as they tell it? I understand the pod’s PDM uses Freestyle strips for the BS tests. Let me know. Any info to help me get started would be appreciated. I hate to rely solely on the endo’s opinion and the Pod sales rep. This site is invaluable.Thank you.

I do both. I use apidra in my pump and have no issues. And I’ve used the Apidra card/program thing to get very cheap insulin (and apparently now it will be free for a short time). The last time I went to get a Rx refill of it, it cost me $4 for the copay (when in the past it was $80 for a 3 mo supply). That was obviously a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:
The freestyle promise program is great too. It has saved me a bundle! I can’t remember what I pay exactly but I think I pay $50 (2 - $25 copays) for 3 months worth of strips too…I just can’t recall exactly. In any case it is a significant savings.
I highly recommend both programs. I use a walgreens and the pharm techs I’ve dealt with seem to know how to run both “cards” as a secondary insurance card just fine.
Good luck w/ possibly getting these programs to work for you too!

Thanks for your reply Bradford. I meet the endo this week to discuss the Pod and do the paperwork and Rx’s. Apprehensive and excited. I’ll try the Apidra thingie and get the amount she recommends. I now get a 90 day supply of strips (about 550) for $80.00 so that would be nice if it were less.

Hello, my daughter age 9 just started on omnipod and we had to change strips. All I did was have her Dr. Write a new script and take the script, ins card and the promise card gave all to the pharmacist and my copay was 15$ instead of 60$. Thanks Robert