CGMS Insurance Questions

I just got my CGMS today and I’m down right giddy. I’ve been looking at it, calibrating it, thinking about it all day. It’s pathetic. We went to the Apple store tonight to have our laptop looked at and I wanted to stand up and shout, “I have something cooler than an iphone! Come look!” My husband wouldn’t let me though. =)

Anyways… I was told there might be a thread here somewhere about different steps in petitioning/appealing insurance companies in attempts to get them to cover all or some of the CGMS. I’m researching this now, for I have a feeling I’ll get an initial denial, but would like to pursue as much as possible. My Dexcom rep also asked if I’d like to be considered for part of a patient advocate board they are putting together to educate insurance companies on WHY they should cover CGMS’s for diabetics. (Saving them money in the long run from ER visits, hospital stays, long term diabetes complications, etc.) If there is a link to this thread I’d love to have it posted here. If not, I’d love for a discussion to start. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!