Good news for me

This is off topic, but good news I would like to share with friends. First, the background. In 1970 I injured my right shoulder. In 1980 I had Bristow surgery on it, where they shorten all the ligaments and do other things that restrict your motion, all with the purpose of keeping your shoulder from frequent dislocation.
That has been completely successful, but I now have osteoarthritis in that shoulder. I have been taking celebrex for years, and before that vioxx (now withdrawn from the market) for swelling. I also take tylenol for pain.
Yesterday I got a topical creme that works very well. Reaching in front of me used to be a 4 or 5 on a pain scale of 1 to 10, it is now a 1. :)

I also have trigger finger, that will need injections or release surgery, and two joints (near the nail) on my left hand are swollen and will not straighten. On Tuesday they drew blood to look for indicators of Rheumatoid Arthritis, no results back yet. When we know what specialist I will be going to, we will know who will be treating the trigger finger.

The trigger finger is annoying. My hands are not bad since I started taking Chondroitin Sulfate a couple of years ago, but I worry about progression to other joints. My shoulder has been the biggest problem for me until now.

dear lloyd so sorry to hear about your aches & pains but at least they have medicines to help some

Hi Lloyd. I'm glad you found the topical creme that is working so well for your shoulder. (I displaced my right shoulder last October, still in Physical Therapy twice a week.) Good luck in finding a solution for the problems with your hands; would the creme perhaps help them, too? Anyway, best wishes.

good news! Glad things are calming down!

Great to hear about this, Lloyd. I know how it feels to have any lessoning of Pain. What may I ask is the name of the topical ointment? Is it an OTC( over the counter)med? Can you pm me or tell me the next time we are on chat? I need to befriend you anyway, as I would love to be one of yours.

God Bless,

HAHA my misspell of "lessening" as "Lessoning" Yes, Pain is sometimes a "lesson", telling us we need to pay attention to that part of our body. I forget the literary term for this occurrence. Too early in the morning for me to be academic. Back to my stretches. :+)

What is the brand of topical cream that works for you? I'v used Sports Creme before and it worked very well for me, but Walmart no long sells it.

It is prescription, not over the counter.