Goofy Morning!

After always being like “I don’t have problems w/ my pump” etc. all the time, this morning I had a problem and figured I’d post about it while I wait for the waves to pass?

Last night, swapped reservoir and had a little bit of two bottles of insulin, one of which was likely old so I figured I’d mix them up. Then went out and had sushi, maybe 75G of carb, BG was ok last night but when I woke up, the CGM bleeped the “high” alert @ 140 so I tested and it was 180. So I did a CB and 15G of carbs and ate some eggs (egg beaters…) and figured I’d loaf around and d/l some new workout music (Temptations “Psychedelic Soul”…) and checked again and it was 190!! Maybe the sushi hit more slowly or something too?

Concurrently, the infusion site had been abnormally painful but I figured I’d take a look and was bleeding not a gusher but more of an ooze (like when Jed was “shootin’ at some food”) obviously there was some issue so I chucked it and did another one and another CB, as if I hadn’t had one and now it’s around 68, Unfortunately, it’s also about the first day > 30 degrees so I’m going to put it into order as quickly as possible so I can go running!

Wow that is a weird day! I always hate the unexplainable days I am one of those people that has to have an explaination for everything! uggh. At least you are on top of it!

You are brave mixing up insulin that you thought was bad! I changed a site last week that was a bleeder & ended up with a nice bruise - hopefully, you won’t have the same!

I’ve got a bruise but I’m not sure if there’s some sort of subcutaneous wound going on?