Google Health: Coming Close?

Last year we had a discussion about putting our health in Google’s hands and what it implied.

It seems now Google Health is getting closer to being a reality:

Most of the links on the page still don’t do anything, but… it’s almost here.

Show of hands: who is feeling excited about it? Who is freaked out about the implications?

Scared to death. We already have problems trying to deal with insurance.
What in our lives will remain private? the govt already knows how much we make,where we live,how we spend that money,how many children we have,what their health is,where they go to school,where we go to church… etc. the list goes on. Yet we think we have “private lives.” Try to buy a car without the govt knowing it? LOL! not brand new and not used… the govt gets taxes,lisc plates your whole life.
If we arent rich enough… we dont get health care… then we’re gonna get forced to pay health ins out of pay check that we cant even access? Some of us already pay for schoolbooks etc that we dont even use. *(Our choice - we dont have the same agenda as the govt.)

Who will benefit when someone decides for us "who is worthy to receive medical care?"
Ok I’ve vented …please dont hang me.

I would have to say I am saddened by this. With any luck, however, Google will fail as many others have who tried to accomplish the same thing. The key is that most family doctors do not want or need this technology, and it is an added problem to convert massive amounts of records held on paper and for what? This is a tough sell, which is why electronic medical records have failed to take off so far, that and the fact that privacy is the last concern any of these entities seem to honor. For more information, I encourage people to visit .

I give this development a big thumbs down!