Got a hit below the belt today

As parents when we are handed our new born baby we check to see if they have ten fingers and ten toes. If that checks out then we know that we have a "perfect" baby, right. Right? So my husband and I thought. We had forgotten the little fact that 1) I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 9 and 2) we have a 7 year old type 1 diabetic daughter so there was more for us to think about then fingers and toes.

Daniel was like any baby. He eat, cry, slept, did all the normal baby stuff. It was not until 13th of this month that things changed. His diaper was changed four times in 14 minutes. They were completely wet. He was eating more than he was usually eating that is when he was not sleeping.

So Mike being the husband and father that he is acts fast and calls the doctor office and makes an appointment for Daniel. I take him in today. I tell the doctor everything that has been going on and he checks Daniel's blood sugar. It was 560. My Mighty Mouse bg was 560 wth!!

I should have been prepared for this right. I mean I have it, my daughter have it there was a big chance that he might get it. What a hit I got today. Just needed to talk to people who would understand what I was feeling.

I'm still trying to get over the shock from the news. That is if I ever will.

Hey, Kit -- I am sorry about Daniel's diagnosis. It is a sub-optimal situation. But you know you can do this. Ray is doing great and so are you. MM is going to be fine. You knew what to look for and you got on it fast. You did the right things. He is being well-cared for and you know how to do this. And, most importantly, you are not alone. It's going to be okay.

Many hugs,


I am so sorry to hear about Daniel. Nobody EVER wants their baby to suffer, and you know from experience what he will have to go through. It's also difficult to treat a baby who can't tell you he's high or low, and if you're breastfeeding, you have no way to know how much he eats. And little babies and toddlers grow so fast that their insulin needs change rapidly.

So I am praying for your strength, fortitude, endurance and courage, because I know you love this little baby so much, and I know you will work very hard to care for him. I also hope you have a good pediatric endo, because you will need the support.

Take heart!

Kit I am so sorry to hear about Daniel. You all will make it through this. You are a strong mother and you know what needs to be done. We are here for you when you need us. I am only a few steps away. Sending you calming thoughts and hugs.

I am really sorry to hear this. That has to be very hard with a baby not able to speak yet to tell you they feel funny. Your kids are both in good hands.

Oh, honey. Must feel like the floor has been pulled out from under you. Doesn't feel real. Don't think it's something we're ever prepared for.

MM is perfect as perfect can be. He's also got incredible parents & an awesome big sister. You & he also have us. We understand.

I am so sorry. What a horrible blow. Lucky for MM he has such knowledgeable and supportive parents and sister. I know you were hoping for otherwise, of course you were. So so sorry.

oh kit, I am so sorry too. Let us surround you with positive support and hugs all around. You know how to handle this, and we will be here for you whenever it is needed.

Danny said it so well... I feel the same, Kit. We are here for you.

Don't think you coudl ever prepare yourself enough for this. Sorry for diagnosis but your little ones are very lucky to have two caring, smart, and strong parents to help them through this. good luck and hug those little ones extra tight

I am so sorry to read your baby also was diagnosed. Life can be so horribly unfair sometimes. I do not think your son's risk was great... the risks are not all that great so I can understand your being unable to get over the shock. There are many Moms who have had babies and toddlers diagnosed and I am sure they can be of great help to you. My niece was dx'd at 8 years and that is an entirely different ball game. I will help in any way I can and come on line and vent any time. You are so experienced, I know your baby will get the very best of care.

I'm so sorry. We are all here for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

I really hate this for you and your son (along with your family) I got a small tell to tell you here and please bare with me I know it's not like yours but here goes. My oldest daughter was born missing her left hand and at the age of 11 she took Type 1. First off I thought God wouldn't let anything else happen to her (after being born missing her hand) I have 2 daughters and I REALLY didn't want to pass d on but I came to a land where I convinced myself d wouldn't happen to her. SOOOOOOOOOOOO when she took d I was trying to tell myself that she was "changing" due to harmones. I DIDN'T WANT TO ACCEPT all I seen happening to her! It got so bad finally she went to the ER YeS I had tested her bs and all seemed normal. She was diagnosed then.

What I mean to say honey is that we DON'T want to see what's happening right before us. (my daughter was showing all the signes I had when I was diagnosed) I DIDN"T WANT EITHER OF MY CHILDREN TO TAKE DIABETES B/C OF THE THINGS I HAD TO LIVE THROUGH WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!!!!!!! (I took it at 10) I KNOW THE HURT AND MIXED FEELINGS YOUR HAVING!!!! Although your son got his diagnoses MUCH earlier than my daughter did. Honey look at it the way I finally did..........You know what to do and how to do it so your already a BIG help to him! My daughter now has 3 children and is a CNA. Honey if I'm anywhere near where your at please come over to my page and we'll talk about those feelins.

That little baby is very lucky to be born into your family. You knew what to check for right off the bat and you already know how serious the disease is and how to manage it. Even though it was shock for you to receive the diagnosis so early in his life, you will do well.

Daniel is special just like us with a little bit of support and encouragement he can do anything.

I know its shocking but Daniel needs you.

I'm sorry to hear that Daniel joined our club, but I am glad that he is surrounded by love and people who know how to take care of him.

Still we share in your sadness...

Thank you all for your responds. They have helped me feel a little better about things. My poor husband, he has three of us in the house now.

Wow. That is quite a dynamic. And with Missy, that makes 4. The poor dude is going to have to sneak out of the house to get french fries.

Pete, that's right. How could I forget about my new sister-n-law. Four of us. But only Mike and Ray like the french fries. We are one big happy diabetic household. All of us under the same house.

Maybe its a blessing?

You know what its like. As a teenager I used to revolt against my parents and diabetes because I was different, no one was like me. As a young adult, I never dated because I thought no one would like me, but he can look up to his sibling, he can consult his aunt. He will always have someone to turn to for support, for love, to cry on a shoulder, etc.