Signs of Diabetes

It seems inevitable, the time may have come.

My oldest daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago (at 6yo) and now my 6yo is showing signs…
Tested her last night at 500, 113 this morning and now 378. Sigh...
Heading to the doctors now...still hoping the meter is broken. :-(

Yes… I can see how you would hope it was the meter. OMG…Well if it is…you are catching it earlier than you would if your other daughter didn’t have it. My son was just diagnosed and because of him I am watching his brother closer. Worried me when he wanted water at bedtime last night. I thought…why is he so thirsty. I thought it wasn’t hereditary? Am I wrong in this? My family had no one w/it until 3 months prior to my son’s diagnosis…my sisters daughter was diagnosed. So…like you. I worry if it is inevitable.

I’m so sorry. I hope that meter is busted too. Keep us posted. Thinking about you.


Any news?

Keeping your family in my thoughts

We’ve been checking for the signs for quite a while now and today seemed to be the day.
She’s been tired, wetting her pants lately and has dry skin. Sure enough the blood test results are high.

We got her admitted to Children’s Hospital today - they confirmed type 1. Her a1c is over 10. Now for looking to make the best of it - hopefully she’ll feel much better soon.

We truly thank you and appreciate your thoughts.

Oh goodness. In a way I’m sorry to hear this, but in another way you have to be positive

  1. at least you aren’t new to this
  2. The two of them can grow up together with this, its not like one will not understand what the other is going through and they wont feel so alone
  3. At least you caught it now instead of tomorrow or even weeks later when things could get worse

I’m here if you need someone to listen :slight_smile:

There are no words. You are in our thoughts.


Hearing this made my heart sink. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry to hear about this. We are thinking of you. Keep us posted on how you are doing when you have time. Your daughter will know that she is not alone…

You are in our thoughts.

Your girls are beautiful. Sorry to hear of this diagnosis. Don’t get lost in parental guilt. It doesn’t help anyone. You will take good care of her and she will be fine

I just wanted to say I am sorry to hear this My mom went through the same thing with my twin sister and I. I was dx’ed at 12 and my sis at 14 it was hard for my mom she was glad that she already had the knowledge to handle my sister. so good luck.

Wishing you, your daughter and family the best. I hope that she feels better soon! You are in my thoughts.

HUGS !! to you all

Oh… wow… I’m so sorry to hear about this news. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

That’s a blow. I know it hit my mom hard when I was diagnosed at 11. There was a diabetes history in her family that stretched from the Earth to the moon. One good thing about this is that your daughters are near the best diabetes care in the world. Living near the Joslin myself is a big blessing for me. All my best.

Thanks everyone. We are blessed that our daughter is taking this very well. They are probably going to be inseparable.
Fortunately we are going to get discharged shortly. One thing for sure is now we need to deal with diluted insulin so that’ll be new for us.

Big surprise, we had a special visitor at the hospital which made my daughter’s day (and many daughters for sure).

She's Emily Osment who plays "Lily" on the Hanna Montana show!

That is so AWESOME!

Im glad to hear she is dealing so well!

Best of good health to you and your family

Hi, Ron ~ Sending you my best wishes as you all head home. I’ve been thinking about you and your girls since reading your post yesterday (with dismay and many swear words!) … and will definitely have them in mind and heart when I run the Vancouver (half) Marathon with Team Diabetes on May 2nd. If anyone would like to make a pledge on behalf of Ron’s girls, or any of the other little ones dealing with the Big D, you’re heartily invited to check out my pledge page (you can enter “Heather Burt, Vancouver” in the link below) … or anyone else’s pledge page. Or just send what you can to the American or Canadian Diabetes Association, or the JDRF … lots of choices! Let’s keep the research and support funds rolling!