Got an idea for a great invention!

My daughter has had T1 for 4 months. I am experienced enough to know that cleaning up test strips is a real pain in the butt. Those little things have static or something. They’re on the floor, I bend over to pick up a pile of 4, I come away with 2. They’re on the counter, I lean over to scrape off 10 and get 4 or 5. Sometimes I ask, “Is this new or used?” Is that crazy?

Anyway: this is the brilliant idea! A Strip Picker-Upper! A big sticky plunger, maybe like those lint rollers but better. Something sure-fire. Slap it on those strip piles and vacuum every piece up in one swoop! This invention will be huge! Bigger than Velcro or Snuggies even.

LOL I just got something called a a Bugzooka for stink bugs, sucks those suckers right up. Never thought of using it for test strips but it would work great! Google it if you want to see :wink:

If you’re seriously looking for a solution, here’s what I do.

I keep an empty strip bottle and store the used strips in the empty bottle. The blood dries in the bottle and doesn’t stick to or stain anything. Then when I finish another bottle, I toss the bottle that I had been filling up with used strips, and start over again. That way I always have a place to put my used strips, and I never leave my half-dried blood around, since it makes some people nervous.

I peel the label off the bottle I’m putting my used strips in, so I never think its full of new strips. And I keep one at home, one at work, etc.

This works great for OneTouch strips, should work for others too.

Good idea Jag…

For used strips I keep a disposable pill pouch in my meter case. You can find em at any pharmacy. They come in a bundle so I always have good baggies around for raisins, jelly beans, nutz bolts etc.blah blah blah

I’m convinced they sprout legs. Just add blood & microscopic legs instantly appear.

LOL – I have a trash can right by my desk and they almost always hit the can when I toss them, but sometimes they sprout wings and end up on the rug. They are sneaky little critters.

Haha. They do! I think they are taking over my life. I’ll randomly see one on the floor/counter/chair/floating above my head/wherever and say “well, Gina has been here.” It’s like my trail of crumbs!!

What about the pokers? I know we are supposed to dispose of them correctly but when ur out and about what can you do? most of mine end up in the bottom of whatever bag I am using and sometimes I get poked with them! Do any of you have a solution for that?

They also multiply during the night and create babies! :slight_smile:

For the pokers - I use a Multiclix. No problem with those - no exposed sharps at all.

Wish mine would. I’d save a lot of $.

The used ones, that is - the new ones never replicate for some reason. :slight_smile:

The thing is, Sam has always been a slob, so now she’s a diabetes slob. She would never put the things back in a case.

OMG!! That’s what I need! Darn, someone already invented it. I can just re-name it. I saw in the news that we’re in for a stink bug invasion too :slight_smile:

With mine, you can use the tip from the new one as a cover for the old one, as you switch them out. Then I put the covered, used one into the zippered/mesh compartment of my meter case. At night, when I replenish my meter case with new lancets, I toss the used ones into my sharps container.

my son uses a alcohol wipe every time he pricks his finger and puts the test trip ‘blood down’ into the square packaging the alcohol came in.

I use an alcohol swab every time I test and always stick the strip in the packet that the swab was in fixes everything all at once. It is getting hard to find the good B & D swabs at Walmart consistly.