What do you usually do with used test strips?

In public, anyway, I have placed my used test strips in the sugar packets on the table and then hid those in my bag or rolled up in my napkin. Rarely, do you get lucky enough to see a trash nearby to discard them. I have used an older vial of test strips to place the used ones in, but this really takes up too much space in my already packed diabetes case. The only time I really bring an empty vial of test strips with me now is if I have a reservoir of insulin I will need to place in my pump soon and want to bring it out the door with me. That fits perfectly in a test strip vial.

Recently, I stumbled across a great idea for storing used test strips. I found that the Listerine Pocket Pack Breath Strips containers are the perfect size for storing a handful of used test strips. The containers fit nicely in your pocket or meter case since they are about the size of a quarter. I attached a file to show you how easily it works. Anyone have any other ideas that can work for this?
9245-5564545.bin (113 KB)

I just toss them in the trash - I don’t hide them in anything. Curious as to why you feel the need to.

I personally put them in the trash, but between the dh and my daughter, they seem to be everywhere! In my purse, in the van, in the garage, in the kitchen, in my bed, stuck to my shoes, in the laundry, etc…

My daughter just sticks them in the pocket of her test kit pack usually when she is out and then I find a surprise when I open it up at home to test her.

If there’s a trash available, I toss it in. If not, I have a small “pill case” in with my glucometer for used lancets, and I’ll just toss the strip in there.

amber, i totally do that too! actually, the other day i saw some test strips on the floor of one of the subway trains i ride every day to work and i was thinking, “omg. are those mine?!” hehe.

I certainly do throw them away if I am near a trash. But, at a table at a restaurant, there is no trash. Also, if I am anywhere else where a trash is not immediately available (waiting rooms, shopping at store, taking a walk outside, driving in someone’s car, sitting in a meeting, etc etc) I tend to need a place to “stash” my used test strips. I test about 10 times per day so I do find myself not near a trash at approximately 2 or 3 tests per day.

cat toys.

I just have a little plastic zip lock in my kit (snack size) I toss lancets and strips into. Then I can clean it out every few days or so when I think of it. Doesn’t take up much room and I can stuff it in one of the pockets.

I can see how the breath pack things would work well too, though I don’t think my lancets would fit.

LOL! I have been thinking this lately. Test strips seem to end up every where in my house and car. I wonder how they end up the places they do because I throw them in the trash as soon as possible.

Every once and a while I’ll clean out my purse. I’ll usually find a layer of used test strips at the bottom about an half-inch thick.

I trash it or stick it in my pocket until I get to a trash.

I do this too! Sometimes loose in my DB supply bag, or even loose in my purse. My own grossness doesn’t bother me, I guess…

I use a snack size zip lock bag in my purse…And throw them away when i get home…
And at home i actually use a small piggy bank…my daughter made it in one of her art classes when she was younger…but i still manage to find strips everytime when i sweep…hhmmm its like the lost socks. How does it happem…