Test strips where do you dispose of them?

I was watching a youtube on 5 bad habits with diabetes. this lady was explaining 5 bad habits that she has with her diabetes one of them was after using her test strips she puts them in her purse or on her table, ends up on the floor or in the compartment of her car. etc... I got curious to how many people do this. I use an old test strip container with a happy face on top or some kind of mark to distinguish good strip to used strip and my used test strips and lancets fit nicely in there.
what do you do? or do you have any bad habits?

I stick them in the velcro compartment of my meter. When it fills up I throw them away. Sometimes this leads to really unfortunate used test strip avalanches, but I've never been able to stick to another routine. Clearly the avalanches don't happen often enough to facilitate change :P

Same here

Yep I put them in my meter pouch pocket(not velcro which can be annoying if they spill out). To keep on top it, everytime I change my infusion set I also empty the strips
& lancets into my biohazard bucket.

I have never used my pouch they always seem so big and awkward. seems a lot of people use it thought. :-)

I put them in the nearest trash bin, kitchen or bathroom. If I'm in the car I put them in the meter compartment & dispose of them next time I test at home. Sometimes they escape & fall on the floor, it's always my husband who finds an errant strip!

I just trash them. I don't exactly see the reason to hoard them as that'd be more clutter and mess than I'd need.

I also use an empty test strip container and then trash it when I start a new one. Away from home I keep a folded tissue in the velcro compartment of my meter. That way I wipe the blood on the tissue and throw the used strip in there. I replace the tissue when it gets nasty or I think of it.

I use a TicTac container and keep it in my test kit bag since I am always on the move and not always near a trash can when I have to test.

the one time I was in a hotel I decided to throw my strips in the trash and the front desk called me over as I was leaving and mentioned to me that I could be liable for throwing test strips in the garbage, at home I have a bio hazard container that I put it in.have any of you had that experience?

Totally do this as well with my meter cases that have the Velcro compartment. It's such a pain to be clean up when they fall out everywhere. :)

I am very careful about sensor and pump infusion set inserts--things that could stick others.

HOWEVER..test strips are not on the top of my worry list. At home, I just trash them. On the road, I just lay them in my monitor case--they fall in my purse, get trashed whatever.

I KNOW my blood is not problematic, so I do not expel effort on this.

Same as Krztina, except I use a teeny metal sliding box that was some sort of mint box, rather than a tictac container. Its small enough that I can keep it in my custom test kit bag (which was meant for a digital camera I think) and easily distinguished from the test strip container. Then I just transfer all the old ones into the empty vial and toss. It's worked for me for years.

While the blood on the strips is negligible, I have always approached them with the attitude of how would I feel if I found them on the ground, floor, etc. After all with Hep B and C and various other "wonderful" presents going around now more than in the past it just makes me paranoid. I keep all of mine in my meter container until I get home or at work where I have an empty glass Snapple bottle and I put them in there. Any sharps go in the same one at home (in PA you just have to have them in a non-penetrable container, securely tape the lid on, and label it accordingly).


I put my used strips in the mesh pocket of my meter case and empty the pocket out into the trash every time it starts to bulge annoyingly.

I agree; I never throw sharps in the regular garbage. If I'm travelling, I put them somewhere where they won't get lost and put them in my trash container at home. But I don't see any issue with throwing test strips in the regular trash. If people have a nose bleed or cut and get blood on a tissue that goes in the regular garbage, and I think of test strips in the same light—they aren't going to transfer my blood into anyone's body unless they eat them.

Yeah I mean we throw pads/tampons, bloody nose tissues, that kinda stuff in the trash all of the time. I understand that Hepatitis can transfer on dry blood but if you don't have it , it's not gonna come from your blood.

The meter I use does not require handling or disposal of each seperate strip. That was the main reason I chose it.

If I test, i just put the used strip into my meter case. are you referring to diabeticdanica's video? because I'm as bad as she is. On the bottom of my purse there are soo many used strips, because as soon as there are a few used strips in my meter case, they start falling out, often land in my purse. my mom always tries to tidy up and wants to put them in the trash, and i do it occasionally, but they actually often just land on strange places…
diabetics are like Hansel and Gretel- leaving a trace of test strips behind them…

I believe so. she was talking about test strips all over the place. that she wipes the blood from her finger on her case, she waits till her pump is bone dry before she changes it, etc.. etc... I am sure we all have bad habits. I am pretty good but i don't change my lancets till they hurt to use, i wait till my pump alarms me that it is empty, i don't always test my sugar and just bolus when I go to eat, or guess on how much insulin to use when out. or when not at home out of town I do not keep to my healthy eating. other than that I believe I am a well behaved T1D LOL