Complying to Ur Diet

As we all know, diabetes is a chronic disease and need strict regiments on diet and lifestyle. What i would like to discuss is bout how do u manage with your diet???maybe we can share tips and steps so we can have more enthusiasm to cure diabetes…

As for muslims, we have a good tip such as we fasting. Because when fasting, it give our stomach time to relax as if we eat, we didnt realise that everytime we eat, the most improtant system in our body that work very hard is our stomach.
There is actually many tips that we can share. Hope u can share more =)

I write everything I eat down and keep track. I count exchanges. This seems to help me and keep me motivated

a very good tips from u. But how about older people who don’t know the exchange method?

Hi Nabila Amani:)
I’m looking thru the forum and saw your post. I’m unsure on fasting due to not knowing what it would do to my bloodsugar number.
I wanted to tell you that Manny has made a new forum for us. It is called "Weight Loss Team.) I thought you might enjoy coming over and visiting with those who are trying to gain or lose weight. Exchange ideas and recipes on how we can better control our diets.
I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

I also journal every bite I put in my mouth! I use a software program called dietorganizer. It keeps track of my calories, carbs, fat grams, ect., as well as my weight, exercise, and a place for regular journaling that I put my readings and medication. This helps me tremendously!!! You’d be surprised how much you overeat when you don’t write it down!!
Good luck with your journey!

Fasting is extremely good for you; It gives your digestive system a break from constant work. Diabetics can successfully fast if using fresh vegetable or fruit juices (kinds depend on GI) for blood sugar control. Organic veggies and juice are the best, as they are sans contaminants that need to be processed, extra work that your body does not need (anytime and especially during fasting). It’s great to hear you say ‘enthusiasm to cure diabetes’. No one else has said that here.

I would actually like to learn more about this fasting with veggies and juice.
Would you please share more?
I’m currently hunting for a book that I lost when we moved here. Then my plan is to use that diet to base my life on. ( It worked for me once before.) It was called "Eat To Live"
I brought my numbers down to normal and my weight dropped… then life happened and I got depressed and quit. that was 3 years ago. Now, I realize I need to live for me.
Once I take care of me then I can better care for my family.

Eating with vege n fruits is also known as vegetarian.usually people from china n india eat vegetarian diet. As they are rich sources of antioxidant, antidiabetics, anticancer and many health benefit effects.Many researches has showed that eating vegetable n fruits promising a potential health benefit. For diabetics i recommend bitter gourd, green tea and manukkah honey. U can try it!

I specifically asked this question in one of my diabetes classes. I have been advised that fasting, for a diabetic, is a very bad idea.

What I learned in class was that for type 2, its as if our sugar shock absorbers are shoddy. We want to, as much as possible, avoid large bumps. A continuous and dependable level of food is apparently best. No highs no lows in intake. As predictable in quantity and timing as possible.

Fasting, while taking meds, can give us lows, and perhaps make us uncontrollably hungry, and I guess in many cases lead to an inappropriate over-reaction of our sugar shock absorbers when we do start eating again.

In general, I haven’t heard of too many health benefits to fasting, for anyone, not just diabetics.

For those whom fasting poses no health risk, it is likely a very good religious an spiritual discipline, but I would think it risky for a diabtic.

I guess I spoke too soon.

Yes, “fasting” with veg and fruit juices is perhaps not fasting at all, but a type of diet. I was referring to what folks would commonly assume was meant by a fast, nothing but water.

We had a fellow in our class who asked about the weight loss techniqe of only eating ever other day, fasting on the even days eating on the odd. Way too bumpy a road for diabetics to travel down.

I tried the 24 hour fast and my bg’s continued to rise until they hit high 180’s before coming down very slowly. Some of us get "liver dumps " when we don’t eat. Our body’s survival technique. I do a very low carb diet. I have cut out all grains, cereal, flours, etc. That makes it real simple to eat. I eat some form of protein (2-3oz), healthy fat (20-30 g), and several veggie servings. I do make my own bread and crackers from flaxseed which are usually 2 carbs a serving. I do eat cheese and nuts inbetween meals. I usually limit breakfast to 5 carbs, lunch to 10 carbs, dinner to 10 and a few snacks >5 carbs. I find the best thing for me to keep bg stable is to eat every 3-4 hours. It has allowed me to lose all the weight I need to.