Grandparents with diabetes who want to be interviewed for an article?

I have a friend (I told her to join the community -I hope she does) who writes for different publications. She is looking for seniors (or maybe not “seniors”, but definitely folks who have grandchildren) with diabetes who may want to be interviewed for a story she’ll be working on for a national publication.

If you would like to be a part of this, please let me know directly or simply post in here. If you know of other folks (outside of the TuDiabetes community) who may be interested in being interviewed, let me know too (and let them know about TuDiabetes as well, of course!) :slight_smile:

THX to all!

Well, maybe but I live in Belgium. Does that work? I have three grandchildren. Diabetic for 45 years since I was 10. Before I promise I must know what is involved. After 45 years you do have quite a few experinces behind you.

My dad might be, I’ll ask.

I will ask my friend and let you know. Or, when she joins the network, she may contact you directly.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Manny,

I will do it. I’m a grandmother with 1 granddaughter but not a senior.


I’ll sign my mom up for it- I’ll have my daughter bat her eyes if need be.
Be warned we’ve only been diagnosed since January.