Great blood sugars

Now that my bout of strep is over with my blood sugars have been amazing since about Thursday of last week. I am rarely going over 100 during the day but it seems about 4 pm my sugars start to spike and don’t come down for about 12 hours. When I mean spike I mean they are going over 300 and then settling back down in the 70-90’s range which I am happy with. I have an email in to my pump trainer so she can look at my chart and see if she can make some suggestions on how to adjust my basal rate.

I managed to take all the antibiotics by crushing them and mixing them with applesauce. Only way I could get them down it hurt so bad to swallow. As far as my heart meds and bp meds went, my doctor told me to go ahead and skip them as if they were crushed they would get in my system to fast but now that I am feeling better I am back to taking them. This was the first time I have ever had strep. Now I am starting to catch up on my homework but Dr. A said only 2 hours of work at a time and then laying down for 2 hours. He said I didn’t have to nap but he wanted me laying down for 2 hours after doing 2 hours of work for the next week to make sure my body gets a chance to recuperate.