Sick days are impossible for me to control

Hi guys, I’m typing this now as im very frustrated at the obvious highs that result from being sick. I have a sinus infection and don’t even feel that bad but my blood sugars won’t go below 220. This has been an all day slope from 160-260. I have adjusted my temporary basil on the pump to give me 180% more insulin than normal still to no avail! I also haven’t eaten supper because I know the first tiny carb I put in my mouth will make it even harder for the bs to go down. I’ve even tried changing the set just to make sure and nothing is working. I’m so over the highs I’ve had this sinus infection for a week. I don’t know how much more of this I can patiently handle. Any tips appreciated!

Did you see a doctor for your sinus infection?

You might need antibiotics
Good luck

Yes unfortunately im taking amoxicillin, antibotics will also raise sugar as they enter your blood stream. At least that’s what the doctor told me. I’m so frustrated right now I could scream. I would take a low over a high any day.

Don,t worry so much
I made it after having t1d for 78 years so you,ll be ok
Hugs coming your way

Wow you’re so right! Telling that to a perfectionist is like talking to a brick wall but you inspire me! Thank you.

you're welcome
keep smiling

me too, i have/was been sick for about 2 weeks until i went to the doc and they were out of the usual cold/flu remedy shots. The over the counter stuff was not giving me any relief and my cough was keeping me up at night. They gave me a steroid shot and i immediately felt better but the blood sugars have been in the low 200's for a couple of days now. it probably took me 3-4 days to get back to normal. Well at least im not hacking up a lung anymore! I agree the antibiotics they perscribed do a number on the blood sugars. The only thing that really worked for me was adding an extra shot to my routine about an hour post meal with anywhere from 3 to 6 units of novolog, or whatever fast acting insulin you use. feel better :)

Thanks Mark! I’ve increased my continual temp basil rate on my pump and its seeming to help! One thing that drives me crazy is when people say why arnt you better yet? I want to say why don’t you ask me about autoimmune diseases? Then you might understand. I’ve held my tongue by Gods grace. I’m going to pray He give me wisdom on how to educate people in a nice way.

This happened to me when I was traveling and I couldn’t eat I kept having ketones and having to take insulin and apple juice. I waited it out and it was fine but I also used a temp basal

Thanks Mia. May I ask why you drank apple juice if your blood sugar was high? If that works for you that’s great im not judging! Just curious.