Gastroenteritis (Part 2)

So after a rough few days, I seem to have come out the other side of this thing. After a 2nd day bedridden, lots of sleep and lots of fluids, I finally started holding down food and developed an apetite within a few hours. I ate a ton of chicken soup that I actually managed to digest. Sugars came down significantly, and then the sleep caught up with me. I was awake at 4am, solidly awake. The dizziness went away (mostly) and I was sitting and feeling alright. I ended up going to work today. Being on my feet after three days asleep was a bit disorienting and I have tachycardia still. I developed sinus tachycardia from the dehydration. My resting heartrate was between 107-130bpm. It seems to be getting better though.

A few weeks ago I had slightly elevated blood pressure, but after some hard work I managed to drop caffeine and brought back my salt intake a notch, and my blood pressure is back within target. cheer Going back to work feeling weird was not good for my blood sugar though. Tested and took insulin every 2-3 hours today. Blood sugar kept climbing. I hit 17.8mmol while I was at work and it felt horrible. Immediately dosed though, and it started coming down. I expect my blood sugar will be tempermental for a few more days at least, but I’m feeling 100% better than I felt yesterday.

No nausea at all today, held down all my food just fine. Crashed hard after work though and slept like a rock for two hours. Thanks for the advice and for looking out for me! If I had gone on a third day I would have gone to the hospital without hesitation. I was doing everything I really could have done.

What an ordeal! Thrilled you’re better.