Great Nonprofits Update

Here's a GREAT way to give back to this community: write a review for TuDiabetes and its parent organization, Diabetes Hands Foundation, on Great NonProfits! Each year this well-respected organization gives out awards for Top-Rated Nonprofits and so far we have a great track-record with them.

Please help us with your review. Earning this award gains us greater visibility and helps us continue to build our great reputation, which in turn helps us reach out to more people affected by diabetes and improve our programs for this community.

Writing a review is quick and easy, and will help us help more people affected by diabetes all over the world. Please write one!

This post was originally written in October of 2012, but you can review us year-round! Please do so! We achieved a Top Rated award in 2012, but we need the good reviews to keep coming in order to earn it again this year :)