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TuDiabetes is not only a great place to gain perspective about diabetes, it’s a great place to gain friends! This site has such a broad range of individuals, yet we all come together for the same cause! The best thing about TuDiabetes: I know I’m not alone!

Can we do more than one? I’m sure if we write something I’ll think of something better?

However gregarious you are, unless you join a group or have a family “outbreak”, you are only going to meet a few people in your life who share it. Here you can meet 20,000, proving “Tugether” with TuAnalyze to living with this community helps.

I have used many of the tips on here to help control my numbers and to minimize the side-effects of drugs. I love that there is a Canadian Group with Nel, an excellent rep for the CDA and Linda, the ambassador full of positive encouragement. Tudiabetes helps to alleviate the feelings of isolation. :slight_smile:

I have learned so much on how to manage my diabetes from this TuDiabetes list. You can find recipes, tips on managing exercise, how to say No politely to people who try to feed you non diabetic food. It is like google in that if it isn’t on Tu diabetes the information you are looking for doesn’t exist!

TuDiabetes is truly a community, a group of people diabetes in common. It is like a healthy family in that there is support, understanding, debate, sharing of knowledge, and caring. My attitude towards my diabetes is healthy, and my management of it is excellent, thanks to this group.

In a few sentances??? That’s going to be hard but here goes:
TuD is such a great place lots of info here from other’s many new facts brought up that I have brought to my Dr attention annds he has also liked it and loves the site. When it was 1st brought to my attention I had been a Type 1 diabetic for 34 years I think it was and it felt so great to talk to other’s who were going through or had been through some of the things I had and I love to give my insite on what worked for me all those years. I get to unload without being judged at all like on other sites. (Like my meltdown today there were many ppl there to talk too) I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.

TuD gives Hope when you feel all alone with Diabetes and the Life that comes along with it. TuD has been the only place I could go to and it is “My Safe Haven”. Comfort, Love and Support is 24/7 just like Diabetes.

Taking care of my diabetes for more than 30 years made me feel alone–despite having caring family members, friends, and health care providers. Then I found tubdiabetes. Suddenly, it was not just “my” diabetes any longer, it was “our” diabetes. Having 20,000+ hands, hearts, and minds focused on our shared condition exponentially multiplies the blessings of help, hope, and happiness that define tudiabetes. You, my friends, rock!

Tudiabetes has so many excellent resources, and the members have so much experience it is a place to read what the gang of diabetics is dealing with and very often gain some new ideas. TuAnalyze is genius. And Word In Your Hand is simply award-winning, what a beautiful way to help folks define their own diabetes.

TuDiabetes is literally a lifesaver. I have gastroparesis and have gone from blood sugar bouncing all over to being well controlled because of all the tips I have learned. It is like having 20,000 of the world’s best doctors on call. If you have a problem, there is always someone that has been thru what you have been thru.


When I am severely depressed, and having trouble finding the strength to take care of myself, I know there are caring people here who will stand by me and hold my hand, and encourage me to do what I have to do. They will listen to me, and respond in ways that help break depression’s hold on me, and keep me living for another day!

When you’re scared, confused, and don’t know what to do next, there are literally THOUSANDS of people here to help. I joined shortly after my son was Dx’d at 18 months and have learned incredible, practical pearls of wisdom from the people here. My son is healthier for it.

TuDiabetes, Estudiabetes and all the work done by the Diabetes Hands Foundation has a profound effect on how we can each stretch out a helping hand. The sense of community is strong and wonderful. All recently diagnosed patients, family, may I include new doctors should join – read- interact con the diversity of members that enrich TuDiabetes.

A year ago I was just diagnosed, I was scared, angry and in many ways alone. Tudiabetes changed that. It has help not only educate me, but has strengthened me. I don’t know how I could of made it with out Tudiabetes.

TuDiabetes has been a tremendous help in my diabetes management. I have found tremendous support here as well as a lot of information. Until I found TuDiabetes I never knew another person with LADA. Being an active member here has been a way to make diabetes a part of my life in positive way.

:slight_smile: yes!