Has anyone ever noticed an increase or decrease in blood sugar due to any kind of tea?

I drink a lot of tea, mostly herbal or green. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem?

If I drink it plain, no issues

if I add honey or sugar or milk… big issues if I dont take insulin with.

Blueberry & Cinnamon teas do that to me if I brew them strong. So I am pretty careful with them. Other types don’t bother me too much.

I had a spike the other night from green tea (I think). Of course, there could be other contributing factors, such as it was getting later at night and my Lantus was probably almost gone.

Any tea, decaff, is okay for me… Otherwise, none.

Green tea increases my BG. Decaf green tea–no problem. Anything with caffeine sends me high. Herb teas don’t seem to effect it either way.

Decaf green tea, chamomile, Ginseng and ginger tea doesnt have any signficant effect on my blood sugar…sometimes I add lemon and bit of sweetener. But when honey, cream or milk is added…that’s another story.

I don’t seem to have any problem with any kind of tea. I drink black, white , green and herbal, none of them effect my BS. Good thing too, because I drink about at least 6 cups a day. I don’t add anything to the tea.

Tea doesn’t seem to do anything at all to me, but black coffee is like drinking honey or something. It’s crazy what a drink with no carbs can do to my BG!

soemtimes w/ green tea cause of the caffeine. usually get good numbers/lows w/ ones w/ ginseng

I have not had a problem with any of this…coffee, tea, whatever with or without caffeine. I do always use sweet n low with my coffee and stay clear of sugar unless I really need it. Old habits die hard, even being type 1 I guess. Good Luck!

i notice in the afternoons at work my sugar will spike when i drink tea…oddly enough

I have never noticed any influence. But the traditional chinese medicine knows a tea called qing qian tea. I have only heard about it. It could have the potential to reduce the blood glucose for type 2 diabetics only. I do not know if this claim can be taken serious but the tea is recommended by the chinese diabetes association.

I drink Texas sweet tea only the unsweetened kind. It has no flavorings added so no problem.