Grrrr: CGM issues

not only did i get the replace transmitter message a few days ago…my pump tells me that i have a sensor failure. im like ok but i changed this one a few days ago. so i change it again, start up the new sensor that i put on and i get sensor failure again. what is going on???

It could be the transmitter. Do not change the sensor again. Wait for the new transmitter.


Call Dexcom Technical Support. They are 24x7x365 so you can call them now.

Two reasons to call:

  1. The problem might be something other than what would appear to be the more obvious issues
  2. You can request that they replace the two “failed” sensors which they should do.

I’ve seen that with a low transmitter battery. It says it’s a sensor problem, but it’s actually the battery.
Did you order your transmitter battery?

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it sould be here in 2-4 days…i was told yesterday or monday i cant remember which day that a new one is being sent out. i guess ill wait until the new transmitter is here to make sure it isnt the sensor. the one i just changed was from another box and the newer one is from a new shipment. i never had this happen before.

ill wait for the new transmitter. it sould be here by friday or saturday…latest on monday.

Are we talking about Dexcom? I just called them today because of a problem with the receiver and they are overnighting me one. I will have it tomorrow

it is the dexcom…i messaged my rep from the local company i get my sensors from…they are sending a new one…just waiting for it to come in.


Remember you can always call Dexcom Technical Support directly yourself. It is not the same thing as calling a rep.

Dexcom Technical Support
24 hours a day. Every day.

i have a new transmitter on the way but if i have any other isssues i now have the number you provided

Definitely call Dexcom directly next time, or if you have a Tandem pump call them. Tandem will also replace Dexcom transmitters and sensors for the. X2 pump.

i have the animas vibe. they use dexcom. so that means i would have to call medtronic or dexcom. my rep at the company that i get my sensor supplies are local. and they are very nice. you get the attention you deserve vs being a number, etc