My Dex G5 transmitter just failed apparently

Just got a message after putting a new sensor in at 5am and starting a new transmitter about 1-2 weeks ago, the transmitter failed. Fortunately I just got the replacement transmitter not long ago. I am just wondering if I can keep using this sensor? And the message was only on my phone, my touch screen receiver just says start sensor, so was this really a transmitter failure? I don’t want to wait 2 hours to find out it really was so I guess I should just start the new one. My ins only sends me one transmitter at a time which is crazy since if the transmitter fails you are screwed without a replacement. Somehow I got ahead of the game when another transmitter failed.

I called dexcom but apparently they have no 24 hr support after a message saying there was a long wait, another one said they are closed, lol. Is that true? I can’t remember now. I hope they will send me a replacement again, since failure after two weeks is not ok. I think I need to watch that video about how to replace a transmitter battery.

Dexcom Technical support is 24x7, Customer (sales) is M-F.

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They are not open though, I called them. Anyway, I have put the new transmitter in after trying to re pair the old one which failed again, and I was able to use the old sensor so far. I will call again earlier tomorrow or Monday to get a new transmitter. Thanks!

I contacted them over the weekend last month, middle of the night, and they answered the Technical number.

Global Technical Support

Product troubleshooting or replacement inquiries


Available 24 hours a day;

I just called the technical support # and after a recording saying they have high call volume and you can request a call back, another recording says they are closed and that tech support is from 7- 5 pm pacific time, where are you?

Eastern US. I had a new G6 transmitter and sensors shipped overnight, and had them the next afternoon. About 3 weeks ago.

Well they are not answering and then say they are closed, not good, but it can wait until Monday. I will try to request a call back.

  • update to say I managed to get through to the waitlist call and not get dropped to the other message finally. Maybe I pressed the wrong option, I am not sure. I waited over 1/2 hr during which time I was able to take a shower and more, then while I was still waiting and doing laundry etc. holding the phone I accidentally hung up. Called back and put myself on a call back. They said they call back within the hour, so far, 1/2 hr later, no call. The last time I tried a call back, no one ever called. My dex is now in motion again but bg has spiked due to all the stress maybe.

I was only sent one transmitter at a time too, a couple of weeks before the one I was using expired. The second transmitter I had wasn’t working so I called them and they were supposed to overnight me a replacement. It took two weeks. I managed to play with the one I had and got it to work, but it showed me how much I relied on it and didn’t want to be out one if it happened again. I got my doctor to write a prescription for one and took it into Costco and just purchased one so I could always have a back up. It was $145.

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Wow that is cheap. I thought they cost about $500, I guess the price has dropped for G5. I will ask my endo. Well, they have not called me back which I expected. I will call again tomorrow. Worst service ever from dex. They are hopeless now I guess because this happened the last time I called late on the weekend.

For me it is an emergency, I cannot do without dex. I would have to stay home, and even then it is very bad. I just hope this one holds up.

My company was very bad at getting the new transmitters to me at first, I had to call them, but now they send them automatically before the next one expires. But the problem is like now if something happens to the transmitter before you get the next one you are still left with nothing. I think a spare is a good idea. Thanks!

I have never gotten anything overnight from dexcom😹

There are a variety of Dexcom discount plans for those without insurance and I think they may even kick in for those with inapplicable insurance to let them buy ahead (but unclear on that last point). I am signed up for at least 2 Dexcom discount cards that my endo’s office Dexcom expert knows how to use but I do not know how to use myself. In fact I cannot find any information in the interwebs about these cards.

@meee ooops, that’s a G6 transmitter. LOL…obviously I wasn’t paying enough attention to the large letters that say G5!!!

Aren’t they the same though? Or similar? I will call dexcom tomorrow and find out.

I will have to ask, if it is only $150 I will get a spare.

Dexcom gets my sensors here overnight, but it took 3 days to get a transmitter for some odd reason. To me, it isn’t a big deal, because I have excellent control with fingersticks. I have been pulling out my testing equipment and testing for decades so it is no big deal.

G6 is less expensive now that they have medicare backing, I think.

To me it is. It is not a matter if control but of getting warnings of lows / highs etc. as inaccurate as dex is a lot of the the time for me it is still a lifesaver I can’t live without it. I need both finger sticks and dex, I never bolus etc off dex alone.

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G5 has it too though.

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I finally got a call back from dexcom, after numerous tries. They did not answer late on the weekend and said after 8 pm there are no call backs. Very bad service from them now compared to the past. They must have almost no one working late at night on weekends.

So basically you are on your own late at night on a weekend because no one answers if you hold, even for ages, and there are no call backs. I called on Monday and was on hold for ages again, asked for a callback and missed the first one but I finally got the second one. My new transmitter arrived Friday, 4 days later. So I am going to look into having a spare depending on cost.