GTT for kids pls help

How much glucose should take 6 year old for glucose tolerance test… the lab gave for my daughter 75g of glucose… is it right?!

I think the lab determines dose by your childs weight.

She is just 40lbs… I asked the person but she said we give to all same 75 g of glucose

Was the test ordered by your pediatrician (child’s doctor) ? They would be best to answer your concerns, along with the test results.

GTT results plus other tests, and symptoms should be reviewed with your doctor. Your child may be at very early stages of T1, based on information in your other posts.

Yes it was ordered by pediatrics…after see that result (number is more than 300) she is asking apologize…just checked in the internet 1kg-1.75g of glucose needed for kids…

Are you saying her BG was >300 ?
As part of the GTT test or another time?

Yes her after 2 hours BG is 380’

Definitely sounds like a visit with pediatric endo should be asap.
380 is very high.

If possible, check urine or blood for ketones, and call doctor if results are not in normal range.