OGTT test

MY daughter went for her second opinion yesterday at the Children’s Hospital near me, they couldn’t give us a diagnosis just yet because she doesn’t really fit into any diagnosis at this time. She may have early onset T1D, she could have reactive hypoglycemia with transient hyperglycemia or she could have a metabolic disorder, he isn’t sure so many test’s were ordered. My question is, we have the OGTT on Friday morning is there anything I should avoid feeding her the night before that could cause the test to give incorrect results ? Anything I should expect during this test, my daughter is 2 years old so I am little nervous. Do they use a meter to test the blood at the 2 hour mark or actual lab results? How soon do I get these results? The OGTT is supposed to rule out the T1D while the other blood/ urine test are to rule out other problems, how accurate is the OGTT? IS that a test she may have to retake in the future?

I have thankfully never had to take this test but many of my family members have over the years. I just remember them eating as normal the day before, no drinking or smoking before and than fasting at least 8 hours. It’s not a fun test, sorry to say. The liquid is not great but they may have better tasting stuff now. I am sure Children’s has this down to a science and everything should be pretty easy. Good luck! I am praying for good results.

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May I suggest that your questions are great and with gathering information here you may want to speak to your physician or perhaps his/her nurse to assist you with your questions.
I can’t count the number of times I left my endo office and twenty minutes later had at least 5 more questions… and I arrive with my other questions all prepared.
All the very best with your daughters tests and results and questions answered.

Don’t do low carb for a few days-a week before the test. It inhibits a normal response to the high glucose given for the OGGT.
a 2yr old will probably use the finger/heel prick and milk it for the lab. Not the needle in the vein to draw blood.