High blood glucose in non diabetic child?

I am very scared, today my daughter was watching me test and was bugging me to test her blood too! So, I changed the lancet and tested her as well… OMG 11.8 (we are in Canada but I think that is equal to 200 or more) Immediately pulled out a new strip and tested her again trying not to scare her at the same time…11.2. O.K I now these are not lab results but I’m scared! We are about to have dinner so I will be testing her again 1.5 to 2 hrs after we eat. Then i guess we’ll do a 8hr fasting reading and pray to God we don’t have to take her to get lab work done. I’m so worried for her!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

there are a lot of factors as to this, before you get all crazy with worry.

  1. the age of your child
  2. what she has eaten
  3. her activity level
  4. her current health
  5. does she have any other symptoms besides a high BG? tired? unquenchable thirst? frequent urination?

That’s about 200ish, US numbers (handy converter at Wikibetes). Given the way kids don’t wash, put things in their mouths, get candy over their hands, etc. it is possible that it’s a sugar-on-hands high, rather than a glucose-in-body high. (I know I can’t trust a fingertip reading for at least three thorough adult hand-washings after balsamic vinegar gets on my hands.)

Please let us know how everything turned out.

Hello There,

First I am sorry I did not run across your post last April. Do not worry at this point. We went through a very similar situation here and I can relate with the anguish that you likely feel. I have had t1 diabetes for 26 years and work as a product line rep for Accu-Chek. My wife is a pediatrician. We had a blood sugar reading in the mid 200s (mg/dl) on our 4 year old approx 1.5 years ago. Major panic. Did hand wash and many tests in sucession and they were in the mid to high 200s for approx 2 hours. Ketones were small. I was convinced that it was diabetes - I mean what else could it be? We immediately took her in for labs (insulin antibody, islet antibody, GAD, HBA1c, and one other that I can’t remember. The more specific labs had to be done at Mayo clinic and it took approx 3 weeks for us to get the results back. It was total hell for me.

During the wait she actually tested her own blood sugar approx 6 times per day. All within normal ranges. Tests came back all a-ok and I was amazed, exstatic (sp) as well as absolutely f’n exhausted. One great thing happened as a result of this experience - it worked to draw me closer to God but that is for another board I guess :slight_smile:

Anyway 6 months and one year later we followed this up with large glucose challenges (pancakes and a ton of syrup) as well as the more relaible 60g glucose intake and testing. No issue.

My wife (pediatrician) doesn’t feel that normal blood sugar ranges are well understood by current medicine - especially in children. There are also degrees of normal.

Don’t take to heart what others say. On the internet you are unable to guage the sources of information.

I hope things turned out well for you and your family. I am very interested to hear how things developed.


First, did you wash her hands before testing blood sugar? I would immediately get lab work done, not just a urine test. A blood sugar of 200 alone is enough to diagnose diabetes, although I have read of case after case where this has happened and there was no problem. Put your mind at rest. Get her tested, a blood test, not just a urine test. Try not to worry too much until the lab results come in. I would keep an eye on her periodically and test BS occasionally even if the labs come in clear just to be on the safe side. You are right to be concerned but I can see you are already on top of it. Good luck and hope it turns out to be nothing.

Hand washing! Not just soap and water, but alcohol. I had the same scare about 5 years ago with my son. He was doing the same… asking me repeatedly to check his blood. I did. It read 300. I almost fainted. Now, I had washed his hands, but after seeing this reading I looked at him and realized he’d just been eating an orange. I got some rubbing alcohol (A bottle of it - not a swab) and a cotton ball and scrubbed his hands. If you do that and still get a high reading, then definitely get her in for lab work.
Best of luck!

Hi Jayson,
what were the results? Are you still worried? DId hand washing work?