Guardian 3 sensors deleted from E-Bay

In the past, I have bought Guardian sensors on E-bay. I placed a bid on a box yesterday. Today all Guardin 3 sensors have disappeared, including the box I had on my watch list.

I wonder if it was a result of a complaint from Medtronic or the FDA. If Medtronic, you can be sure this is the ylast Medtronic Pump I will ever use. I will now have to pay $340 per box instead of $150 to $200 on E-bay.

It is against eBay TOS (Terms of Service) to buy/sell sensors as they require a prescription. Should they ever become available OTC, then they will be available on eBay. eBay has been clamping down on sellers attempting to sell sensors on eBay over the past several months. From time to time a listing does squeak by, but usually gets taken donw before a sale is actually consummated.

I had a medtronic cgm transmitter charger on ebay and they deleted it saying you need a script

there are tons of things needing scripts and they let them go

that is prob the reason

I used to sell laptops on ebay and I was also selling some legal software

Microsoft had a blanket court order to cancel any auction they felt like

Ebay cancelled the software and all the laptop auctions that had bids saying I was selling pirate software

I had to prove to MS it was legal to get my account back

I had to upload hi-def images over dialup which took 6 hours -

No apology when I proved I was right

I can’t wait until I read the bill gates obit

PS - I got even

Can I sell prescription medication on eBay?

You can’t list any drugs, medications or medical devices that are available on prescription from a doctor, dentist, optometrist or veterinarian.eBay Sale of Prescription Item Policy

If it’s E-bay policy, I understand and feel better. However, It is still irritating because I do have a doctor’s prescription but my insurance doesn’t cover the G3.

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It’s been an ebay policy forever I believe

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It has been an eBay policy since their inception, you are correct but it was only hit or miss loosely enforced by eBay until about 18 months ago.

They were back on today. I bought three boxes of five for $450 instead of $1020 at Medtronic.

Probably your best bet is to set up an eBay email alert so that when they do come up you will automatically be alerted by eBay and can snag them before listing is taken down.

I didn’t bid as I was afraid they would be removed before the bidding ended. Instead, I bought them at the buy now price.

You can also contact the seller and tell him when he has more to sell to contact you directly and then he can give you additional discount as he will save the listing fees and closing costs.

If I recharge and reuse them, they will last for six months. However, I saved the sellers e-bay name so I should be able to contact him/her in the future.

Look at the seller feedback - If he has more than 1000 feedbacks he will probably still be around in 6 months. If he has fewer than 1000 feedbacks, you will only be able to contact him when he puts up more items. So you would be better off establishing relationship now. You need to be cagey because eBay has bots that look for buyers going directly to seller and will not allow your request through. You need to say something like I have a technical question on the sensors I just bought, can you please call me at xxxxxxxxxx. Or if you paid through PayPal, make your contact request through Paypal.

Thanks for the tips. I did use PayPal.