Switched to Dexcom. Have unopened Guardian Sensor 3 and Guardian Connect Transmitter boxes

Since I’m now on MDI (Tresiba) and on a Dexcom G6 CGM, I no longer need my Guardian Sensor 3 and Guardian Connect Transmitter. I have three unopened boxes of Sensors.

Anyone know where I can donate these? I’m in the Washington D.C. metro area.


Is there a diabetes camp near you? I have donated some of my extras, and they are always matched up with kids that can use them.

You might ask your doctor if s/he can give to another patient who may need them.

Joslin - Boston has a very strict policy and the answer is always no!!! I have asked several times in the past and am told it is against the law so I asked my doctor to discreetly give my email address to any patient that has a financial need and can’t afford the insulin or supplies I no longer need and was told that would be in violation of Hippa laws.

What a messed up world we some times live in.

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I ran into the same thing with all my leftover Medtronic supplies. I finally ended up throwing them away.

I threw out my excess insulin, but my supplies put them up on eBay at a reasonable price and they sold out in 48 hours but I felt guilty as heck selling items that were mostly paid for by insurance, but better going to someone else than into the trash.

I wouldn’t risk the legal liability with doing that. From what I read, it’s a felony to resell products that require a prescription.

Wow. I guess this won’t be easy. I will feel very guilty throwing away perfectly good supplies.

I may contact my doctor today, but I’m sure he will give me the stiff arm.

I’ve read the same thing. I don’t want to sell the supplies, just want to give them to somebody in need.


You could contact a non profit. I was put in touch with a church in Atlanta that needed the supplies, but they made everything as difficult as possible. I wasn’t going to pay to ship 18 months worth of supplies across the country. It just wasn’t worth the time in the end, in the trash they went.

You can’t even legally give them away. Stupid system

That is correct which is why I threw away my insulin, but supplies are available OTC which is why those were sold.

I thought pump supplies required a prescription? Did that change?

I don’t know as I am MDI and my supplies were mostly items such as test strips when I upgraded from One Touch products to Contour Next

I’m sorry. I thought you were on a pump.