TuDiabetes does not permit the buying and selling of Rx items on this Forum

I just updated to the 670 G Medtronic insulin pump so now I’m left over with all my dexcom G5 Sensors and plus receiver that I have had only for a month the sensors are brand new in the package never been opened so I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could sell this stuff online or give it to donation



What version of the receiver is it? I know someone who might be willing to buy the receiver if it is the old style (not the touchscreen). He is a member of TuD and FUD, and you can trust that he is legit. :grinning:

Seriously, I know this used to be frowned on here, but maybe this sort of thing is more tolerated now. It is is cool to discuss, PM me.

Thanks for the information I tried eBay but they said that I can’t sell it because it is a medical device so I don’t know how these people are so mean there is though

Yes it the dexcom g5 model of the receiver And it’s not touchscreen I can upload some pictures for you to see it

Yet medical devices are for sale on ebay - see the link

@Eric2 was correct that we do not want anything to be sold in the main forum. Please no sale inquiries or negotiations in the forum.


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Ebay do not allow sales of prescription devices, but they don’t enforce it too much. It seems based on my observations they delete such ads about every 5-9 days. The sale will go through if it happens within this period. Try Craigslist. The chances of a quick sale will increase if you are willing to accept payment via Paypal and ship the item.

The trick to selling that kind of stuff on ebay is to not do an auction, but do a “buy-it-now”. It has somewhat questionable chance of lasting the whole week of auction time. But if you do “buy-it-now” at a reasonable price, it will get snagged before ebay flags it and takes it down.

Not sure what is acceptable to post about that sort of thing, just offering advice. If my post is considered out-of-bounds, I apologize and please delete it.

There are a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to selling/donating D-gear. Pay It Forward Diabetes e.g.

Sorry new to this your right.I deleted posts.
Thanks Dave.

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no problemo!