Guardian Sensor Random

So I’m up late once again waiting for my Guardian sensor to “charge” then “warm up.” With Dexcom’s new 10 day shut off announcement and Medtronic’s random sensor expire alerts I’m feeling overwhelmed. Any suggestions on how to cope with the Guardian’s unexpected fails?

Whats Dexcoms 10 day shut off announcement?

I’ve news for you. The 10-day shutoff of sensors for the G6 can now be circumvented, AT LEAST 3 or 4 different ways. Read up on all this info on Facebook Dexcom groups

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Have you contacted medtronic support? They can help troubleshoot, and replace sensor. There are many who have posted success with 670 and guardian, and also many that have given it up after not having it work well.

You can also check the blogs by @tamara11

troubleshooting (a joke), and replacements doesn’t solve the problem of the sensors being problematic. I wasted countless hours with MM support dealing with one bad sensor after another…for about a year. The solution is not to keep getting them replaced. the solution is to go with another system. I’m not being flippant, either–it’s true.

I think you have posted that your experience was with the older Enlite sensors. I used the older older ones, soft-sets, so understand your experiences.

The 670G uses the newest Guardian, which many have had good results with, even claiming they were close to Dexcom accuracy… when they worked.

And Tamaras post also shows that even with help from Medtronics, it doesn’t work consistently for some people. But that was mostly with auto mode.

@Elyssia_Reedy needs to decide what’s best for her.

The Enlite sensors were so inaccurate it wasn’t even funny. Off by 100% or more often enough to not be surprising. Man, they sucked.

Guardian sensors are more accurate. Or the whole sensor dies. I’ve been on the Guardians for about 2 months now. I’d say about 40% or 50% of my sensors fail completely within the first 24 hours. I’ve been over the instructions and “troubleshooting.” But it is SO frustrating how often they just don’t work.

But when they do work, they’re much better.


I just love that we have options now, I remember the days before a lot of pump options even existed. I experienced a lot of pain and heartache as a child from that but things are progressing.

Also, I miss how Dexcom’s sensor would give a little notification before it just shut completely off after the 7 day period. Does anyone know if there’s a way to set a reminder on the 670g as to when the Guardian will need to be changed?