Dexcom G6 failing before 10 days


Has anyone else had issues with their G6? Mine always gives me a “sensor error” message around the 7th day of wear (and often before), then fails shortly thereafter. I seem to remember getting longer wear with the G5 then I get with the G6, and was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.


I am still using G4, but there have been several posts regarding issues with G6 not lasting, and backorder issues.

You can do search to find them.
Here is one of them.


Thanks. I really want to like the G6 (the no fingersticks is a game changer) but I’m getting so many error messages and sensor errors, I’m befjnning to wonder if I made a mistake switching to the new system. Only one of (I believe) 8 sensors has made it to day ten. Every other one has given consistent sensor error warnings and unreliable readings after several days.


I’m hoping they get issues worked out, and then I will switch. For now, G4 is still available, and I get at least 14 days per sensor.


We’ve had no issues with ours, every sensor has lasted 10 days and we’ve had no loss of data. We love it. However with last Saturday’s site change the transmitter failed. “Critical Low Battery!” alert popped up twice. I called Dexcom and they are sending a replacement because the Xmitter was only around 30 days old. Luckily we still had a couple of G5 transmitters and sensors left so we have switched back to the G5 until the G6 Xmitter arrives.

We miss the G6, it was more accurate and we rarely did finger checks.


If the sensor fails before it’s supposed to, contact Dexcom. They have always replaced them for me (with one exception). One sensor got knocked loose on the 8th day. I found out later that Dexcom even replaces ones that come off prematurely. I phoned them and they replaced it (a few weeks later).