Guess Who Came to Town?

Well, it's a little early for Santa, but even better - Judith from Portland!
I met Judith during the early days of TD, when it was less than 500 members, but it didn't work out logistically to meet until last year.
As they say in the midwest, "we had a nice visit". Talked of many things.
Judith has spent several months recovering from knee surgery and looked fabulous.
She is such a loving and gracious lady, and it is a deep pleasure for me to know someone that I felt instantly connected to.
Thank you, Tu Diabetes, for bringing us together.
I was a little overdressed in many layers and my big down coat. There were a few tiny beads of sweat on my forehead after I'd walked home LOL. There are more pics, but I accidently put my memory card into the disc slot of my computer. If any of you brilliant problem solving people out there have an idea how to get it out, let me know.

Wow, so good to see 2 of my fav people together! Wish I could have been with you. Love the scarf Kathy :)

In the disk slot?? Forceps?

Great picture, great that TU could've done this.

What a great photo! Being with a friend is better than Santa, yep.

Lovely picture of you both, so wish I had been there too.

Love that puc of both of u!!! Judith is a great person!! So are U!!! U guys deserve to met up every chance u get!!!!